The ServiceLegend Podcast – Episode #47 – Unleashing Success W/ Jason Walker

  Transcript: Welcome back to another episode of the Service Legend Podcast. Happy Friday, everybody. We have Jason Walker. Welcome to the podcast. Hey, man. And first off, it’s an honor to be here, man. And for all you listeners and everyone that’s tuning in, make sure you hit the hearts and likes. Make sure […]

5 Painting Contractor SEO Facts You Didn’t Know About

If you run a painting contractor business, chances are that SEO is not on your top list of priorities. But it should be. While you are strategizing how to give better estimates and deliver high-quality painting services, your potential leads are searching for local painting contractors online.  SEO matters more than ever now that the […]

5 Mistakes Concrete Coating Business Owners Make

Getting started with your concrete coating business can go pretty fast. You may have leads lined up even before you are officially open for business. While this can be a great experience, it’s also easy to overlook a few critical steps when it comes to growing your market share and winning more leads for your […]

Business Card Ideas For Your Painting Company

Business cards have been a marketing tactic for decades. And while many people now look online to find what they need, a business card can still be an excellent tool for finding new clients and keeping your business at the forefront of someone’s mind. The first impression your card makes can determine whether someone holds […]