Marketing Ideas For Your Painting Company

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In this dedicated article, we’re delving into a treasure trove of marketing strategies meticulously crafted for your painting business. Marketing isn’t just about being seen—it’s about fostering meaningful connections and driving tangible results. 

Join us as we uncover a spectrum of proven marketing ideas uniquely tailored to amplify your painting business and carve out a distinctive presence in the market.

Marketing Ideas For Your Painting Company

Word of Mouth

Do your best, and someone will tell someone else about your excellent work, right? It’s true, word of mouth is a great marketing idea to grow your brand. How can you effectively get word of mouth to work? Ask the customer to refer your painting services to their family and friends after a successful job or include an “invite a friend” tag at the bottom of your receipt.

You can also use referral discounts on the next job if a customer successfully manages to refer a new customer your way. This is a great way to bolster your presence in your local community and makes you a household name. 

Yard Sign

A yard sign is a great way for painters to advertise their work. If you do a successful job, especially in an upscale area, ask the customer if you can place a yard sign on their property. Your client may have to get permission but will likely say “yes.” A passerby can become a generated lead simply because they were visually impressed by your work.

Branded Van

Having your van branded with your company logo is a savvy marketing move that doesn’t break the bank. As it travels through the neighborhood, it acts as a mobile advertisement, making your painting company visible to everyone. This exposure helps embed your business in the minds of locals, ensuring that when they need painting services, your name springs to mind. It’s a strategic way to boost awareness and forge connections within your community.

Digital Marketing Options

There are endless digital marketing channels, but some work better for painters than others. Let’s take a look at what digital tools work and net similar business professionals millions in revenue and thousands of organic leads. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to unlocking your business’s online potential. Just like a gateway, a search engine connects users to your business, making it crucial to optimize your online presence. By strategically using keywords and digital tools, SEO ensures your business ranks high on search engine results pages. Moreover, it goes beyond mere visibility, leveraging the unique traits of your painting company to generate valuable leads. In today’s digital landscape, SEO stands as one of the most essential tools for elevating your brand’s online visibility and driving growth.

Social Media

Social media lends credence to customer engagement, lead generation, and ad clicks. Social media is a great opportunity for you to also create a user audience. 

A business social media account for your painting company is also a low-cost digital marketing medium.

According to Statista, “there will be over 6 billion active social media account holders by 2027.” If your business is on social, your painting company can be targeted by prospects that are searching for your services specifically. Users look at a business with social media as being more transparent than a competitor without social media. 

Here are some of the social media platforms that we at ServiceLegend swear by.

Facebook and Instagram: These platforms are versatile, allowing businesses to share a variety of content types such as long-form posts, videos, live streams, stories, and Reels. Reels are short, entertaining videos set to music, similar to TikTok, and are perfect for showcasing products, behind-the-scenes footage, or engaging with trending challenges.

X (Twitter): With its character limit, X (Twitter) is best for short updates, announcements, and sharing links to longer content like blog posts or articles. It’s perfect for quick interactions and staying up to date with trends.

TikTok: This platform thrives on short, catchy videos often set to music. Businesses can use TikTok to showcase products or services in a fun and engaging way, aiming for content that has the potential to go viral and reach a wide audience.

YouTube: As the largest video-sharing platform, YouTube is perfect for longer-form video content such as tutorials, product demonstrations, and vlogs. It’s a great platform for painting businesses to educate their audience and showcase their expertise.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories: These platforms offer ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Stories are perfect for sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, limited-time offers, or quick updates in a more casual and authentic manner.

By understanding the strengths of each platform and tailoring content accordingly, businesses can effectively reach and engage their target audience across various social media channels, including the use of Reels on Facebook and Instagram for short, engaging video content.

Video & Content Marketing

Video marketing drives 80% of all internet traffic. Internet users are watching more videos.

For a painting company, video allows your business to create digital video ads, showcase your best work, let your audience accompany your crew on a paint job, meet your team, and much more. 

To get videos to work for your digital marketing strategy, create engaging content, focus on current trends, consider PPC video ads and include video on your business social media account.




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