5 Painting Contractor SEO Facts You Didn’t Know About

If you run a painting contractor business, chances are that SEO is not on your top list of priorities. But it should be. While you are strategizing how to give better estimates and deliver high-quality painting services, your potential leads are searching for local painting contractors online. 

SEO matters more than ever now that the digital native generations are old enough to buy houses and have them painted. What you don’t know about SEO could be hurting your business.

Fortunately, you won’t be in the dark for long. ServiceLegend is here to share everything you didn’t know about SEO that can boost your painting business with new leads, positive reviews, and a growing referral network. 

 SEO For Your Painting Company

Painting company SEO is all about how you build your website. Keep in mind that websites are the modern storefront – even for businesses that don’t have a storefront. They are how search engines (and thus, everyone searching for painters) will find your business, and the first thing your future clients will see when they look up your services.

Building a solid structure of SEO keywords, content, and metadata into your website is the key to getting more local leads. Here’s what you don’t know about painting contractor SEO that you definitely should.

1) SEO Actually Works

First and most importantly, SEO works. It’s not all hype and the basics don’t take very long to implement. Essentially, SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” helps search engines connect website results to user questions. So if a local searches for “Best colors to paint the outside of my house”, or “Good home painters near me”, those are queries that you have the answer to.

With the right service page or blog, configured competitively, you could be at the top of their results and a new customer’s first call for local home painting. A little SEO goes a long way, especially if your website is already built to provide useful information about the services you offer and what first-time customer need to know.

2) SEO Leads Are Higher Quality

SEO leads are not just people who own houses, they are people who are looking for a house painter.  SEO leads are higher quality because the search terms they use align with the services you have to offer.

The entire concept of SEO is to catch new leads exactly when they are looking for what you have to offer. A clever collection of blogs and informative service pages can ensure that your website winds up in the top search results exactly when a local homeowner has started to research how to get their house painted.

3) Google Business Profile Is The Best Free Option

Your Google Business Profile is the single best free source of SEO, and is even faster than optimizing your site. All you have to do is claim your “pin” in the Google map and fill out your business information. People searching for local painting services nearby will automatically see your business pop up in the list of local painting contractors. The more positive reviews your Google Business Profile gets, the more likely your pin will be the top Maps result.

4) Backlinks Aren’t The Most Important Thing

If you’ve heard the hype about backlinks, you can ignore it. Backlinks matter a lot to some industries, but local businesses aren’t really one of them. Backlinks matter most for YMYL brands (your money, your life) that give advice on how to live your life. It gives them credibility. What gives your painting business credibility are positive reviews and expertly useful information on your website that helps first-time clients make the right decisions.

5) Getting Involved in Local Community Helps

Local SEO, on the other hand, is out-of-the-park important. Weaving your brand into the community is a big SEO-winner for any local business like your painting contractor company.  It helps local searchers find your website even when they don’t use the map feature. Apart from your service-area page and mentioning your service area in the footer, the best way to build really strong local SEO is to get involved in the community.

Attending community events, sponsoring groups, and publishing blogs/photos of your painting jobs are all great ways to build local visibility and boost your local SEO.




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