Unveiling Ryan Davis’ Success Formula on TikTok for Paint Contractors

TikTok has emerged as one of the fastest-growing video channels on the internet. By 2023, TikTok had 1.7 billion monthly active users, and in 2024, that number is projected to rise to 2 billion. More construction or contracting companies are signing up for TikTok, however, to reach a new generation of home buyers who spend a lot of time on the platform. At ServiceLegend, we ask: is it possible to target more customers on TikTok for paint contractors and floor coating companies?

In the most recent September-October 2023 issue of inPAINT Magazine, digital marketing expert and ServiceLegend CEO Ryan Davis shared some thoughts about why painting and concrete coating professionals should give TikTok a try.

TikTok Insights for Painting and Floor Coating Companies

According to Davis, the informal, enjoyable nature of TikTok’s short-form video format makes it ideal to showcase one’s brand. Ultimately, it’s a fun and engaging way for companies to introduce themselves and get people in on what they’re passionate about.

“Every business should be on TikTok,” Davis says. “The key thing is that you need to push any traffic you garner to either your Instagram, Facebook, or website. That’s where they’ll really get to know your company.”

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Why TikTok?

For the fourth year in a row, Kantar Media Reactions ranked TikTok as the #1 video advertising environment globally for both brands and consumers. What does this mean? A term called “ad equity” measures how your audience values your ads across different channels. TikTok has the top spot among media channels worldwide when it comes to getting favorable attitudes and preferences that boost ad equity.

People generally dislike or avoid being advertised to. With the constant daily bombardment of ads on buildings, billboards, and radio channels from our daily commute to what we see on our phones when we get home—it can be an overwhelming landscape to live in as a consumer. More than simply being told to buy something, people of today want more reasons—but they aren’t necessarily seeking them out. The beauty of TikTok for paint contractors is that it allows you to come to the consumer directly in a way that is fun and non-salesy.

TikTok has even become the gateway for modern consumers to make a purchase (#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt). Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director of the Media, Insights division at Kantar, says, “The extent to which consumers find ads on TikTok’ fun and entertaining’ is currently the single most differentiating feature in the global media landscape.” With this in mind, it’s no wonder that brands and companies are connecting with consumers through TikTok on a level that’s beyond just making a sale.

Understanding the Need for Relevant and Useful Content

In marketing, relevance refers to how the material you provide is compatible with your target audience’s search query. Usefulness is how your material helps your target audience make decisions or reach their goals.

Reserve the technical jargon for the industry professionals. When marketing on TikTok for paint contractors, painting or floor coating concepts should be simple yet relevant and useful to your everyday audience.

Why Small Businesses Are Choosing TikTok

Small businesses are turning to social media and the internet to connect to a larger audience in ways that don’t need expensive production value. With more than a billion monthly active users on TikTok, there’s a highly decent possibility that your target audience is already there.

TikTok for Paint Contractors: Creative Content Ideas for Lead Generation

The best way to come up with TikTok ideas for your company is to sign up for the platform and see what’s already out there. Check out what your competitors are doing. Leverage trends in your marketing strategy and how you position your products and services.

Here are some ideas for short, easy-to-digest videos that you can start with:

Finishing Touches: Final TikTok Tips for the Home Service Industry

Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind

When shooting videos for TikTok, a good tip to keep in mind is to have some form of your branding on display at all times. Whether you choose to have your logo on some part of the screen or ask your team members to wear their branded company uniforms (if any) when they’re in your TikTok content, make sure your audience knows who they’re watching. As a bonus tip, have your phone number readily available as well, so they can conveniently reach out when you come to mind.

Don’t Forget Calls to Action (CTAs)

Calls to action let your target audience know what to do. Additionally, as Ryan Davis mentioned, it’s crucial to direct your TikTok traffic to some of your other channels where your audience can get to know you better. Whether it’s your website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, make sure you stay engaged with your customers by keeping the conversation going.

Share Your Passion

Finally, if you want to connect to your audience in a more personal way, it helps to let them know and see why you love or continue to do what you do. Remember why you went into the painting or floor coating business in the first place. What is it about your product or service that matters to people and adds value to their lives? What can your viewers appreciate about epoxy floors or commercial paint? Diving deeper into these questions as a brand will put you in a position to form lasting relationships with your residential and commercial clients—from all generations.

Get One-on-One Tips: TikTok for Paint Contractors and Floor Coating Companies

When it comes to digital marketing for the home service industry, Ryan Davis is a leader with an outstanding track record. His extensive experience in the field has made him an invaluable asset to companies in need of reliable marketing advice. Under the careful leadership of Davis, ServiceLegend has helped several painting, roofing, and concrete coating companies experience 150% to 500% growth in sales, leads, and organic website traffic.

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