3 Marketing Strategies For Your Painting Business

Are you looking to market your painting business?

There has been a significant overhaul in marketing in recent times. Strategies changed, and businesses are increasing their online presence. It is thus compulsory for your painting business to keep up.

At service legend, we analyze and provide the best marketing solutions to boost your business. Here are some of the ways you can market your business both physically and digitally.

Ways You Can Market Your Painting Business


It never grows old; identify your target market. Areas like public amenities and areas you have not painted are ideal for placing flyers. Ensure to indicate your name, company, contact information, and services you offer in the flyer. This way, customers looking for painting services can easily reach you.

If you wish to use private property to post your flyer, ensure to first seek permission from the owner.

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are still an excellent way to market your business. A good lawn sign with your company name, logo, contact information and a list of services you offer eases the customer’s work.

Truck Illustrations

By printing your company’s logo and design on your business truck, you attract potential customers in the neighborhood you are working in. Think of it as marketing your business as you work.

Have a graphic designer paint your truck with attractive visual images imprinted with your vital information, such as your contact details and the list of services you offer.

How Do You Market Your Business Digitally?

Increasing your digital presence is vital in marketing your painting business. Most customers opt to search online when looking for quality painting services. It will be your lucky day if this search lands on your company.

Service Legend is here to help you navigate the digital market and increase your digital visibility. Here are some ways you can boost your web presence.

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