The ServiceLegend Podcast – Episode #20 – Tools To Scale Your Business W/ John Antolini



Well, happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to episode number 20 of the Service Legends Podcast. I have a real treat for you guys today. John Anthony into Lini from Global Flooring System. Did I pronounce that right?

Antolini Yep, you got it right.

Okay, Almost botch that right out of the gate here. Welcome to the podcast, man. Glad to have you here.

Oh, thanks. Super excited to talk to you. Chat about a few upcoming events we have and and chat to you, chat about the the industry in general and kind of go from there.

Yeah, absolutely. Me too. For those of you that might not know John or. Global Flooring Solutions or Systems rather they really have a full distribution company. But also you own a service company that does a couple million in revenue as well. On the server side, what type of services do you guys provide on your within your service company?

Yeah, it’s concrete coding. So residential commercial coatings, we don’t do much much on the polishing side of things, but but pretty much from large commercial on over to residential, we’ve got 13 guys that work for that side of the business and that’s just located in Connecticut and we service the whole state. So it’s, you know, it’s a growing, growing company and we’ve been real successful over the years.

That’s awesome. And John is from Connecticut. He’s built different businesses from one location to many, targeting the epoxy coating companies world around the world for expansion. Their goal is to provide exceptional customer service through industry knowledge and experience, provide quality products that are manufactured in the US. A love that and convenience for fun. He likes to hang out with his boys, got to middle school boys, loves watching them play soccer and basketball and he coaches the high school varsity basketball team. I mean, what an absolute legend, right?

I don’t know about that. But certainly I like to have a little bit of fun and, you know, have fun outside, Work hard, but have fun outside of work as well. And, you know, sports has certainly been something that that’s a passion.

Well, you know, like the mantra here at Service legend is we want to work and be around service legends. And it’s short for home service legends. And, you know, it’s not about just revenue. That’s what I that’s what Mark and I when we started this company and started the core values and our vision, our mission and things like that, we wanted to work with the best, but not just the financially best people. We wanted to work with people that and surround ourselves with people that were the best fathers, the best sons. They were learning, always learning. They’re involved in the in the industry, not just taking from the industries. They’re there mentoring, coaching, giving back. They’re involved in the community, they’re donating to charities. That’s to me, that’s what a real service legend is. It’s not just someone who makes money and says, Cool piece. I’m not going to share that with anybody and keeps it to themselves. It’s someone that just opens their arms up in this abundant mindset. And so when you’re out there in the community doing things like that, I think you’re leading by example. So I appreciate that.

That’s really, really cool. Thank you. It’s certainly, certainly a lot of fun, that’s for certain.

Yeah, absolutely. Man. Well, cool. I won’t make anyone wait any longer here. Let’s dive right into it. One of the really cool things that’s coming up that John will go into more depth here is we have an you’re calling it something really cool. It’s called the Cimarron slash Global Flooring Systems November training extravaganza Extravaganza. So it’s a fun name. It’s going to be a blast in the the main reason for the podcast today, guys, is really just to talk about the training. It’s coming up November 14th and November 15th. For me, it’s a little selfish for me because I’m going to be speaking here next month and I’m going to be pulling the curtains back myself. On how I took Kardinal from 0 to 1.5 million cash collected in our first year. And I’m not a contractor and I don’t claim to be an actual contractor, but I want to share that story because it’s possible. You know, it’s it really is possible to create freedom for yourself and for your team and opportunity for your team. And I think it’s our duty as the owners, as the CEOs to grow the business. So that way we provide opportunity not only for ourselves and our family, but more importantly for our team. They can make more money, there’s promotions, they’re available and things like that. So, John, if you could just give us an overview of the training, maybe why you decided to put on this type of training and things like that.

Sure. Well, so so Global Flooring Systems is a distributor of Cimarron Products. Cimarron and US have an amazing relationship and. You know, our goal is to right now we have four locations, a couple in Florida, three in Florida, one in Connecticut that serves services, New England. And we’re certainly going to be adding a few more over the next next few months throughout the country, not just in Florida or along the East Coast. We’re looking to to expand our presence throughout the United States. Part of this training is, is that we realize that a lot of coding providers know how to do a flake floor. They may know how to do a metallic floor, but how can we make them more successful at at doing not only those floors, but getting themselves involved in other services as well? And and again, it’s not just geared towards one type of service provider that is a specialist in any any one segment of of those types of floors. We’re going to show folks how to polish. We’re going to actually be on 3 to 4000 square feet of polishing within Sam Zimmerman’s warehouse and and learn that process. We’re going to lay 1200 square feet of urethane cement of of Cimarron Symmetry, and we’re going to actually show you how to apply that. So that way, when you want to go out and do a commercial kitchen, you have the ability to do those floors.

We’re going to show you different products, for instance, how you can use a Polish grout to to fill some real pitted floors and still do a great flake floor. So we’re going to show you different tricks of the trade that will work to help each installer be more successful and be the professional that they have to be. You can anybody can say they can install a flake floor, but what happens when you see moisture? What are the signs that you need to look at in concrete that’s going to hopefully allow you to avoid a mistake that that could be made down the road and then how to grow their business. That’s why we have somebody like you out there. So we’re going to going to teach them not only how to be a great installers with with the flooring application that they choose, but but how to grow that darn business and take it to the next level. So we’re going to surround that room with people that have are brand new to the industry. But then more importantly, we have people that are that that have that are running $10 million plus operations in that same room. So so that room is going to be just filled with a vast amount of knowledge. And not only are the installers that are there have a lot of knowledge, but but the Cimarron folks are have some amazing knowledge and we’re going to have all of their expertise at our disposal in that room.

When we look around, we’re going to have hundreds of years of experience between all of us that are that are going to be able to help. And really the help comes from not doing just the sample board, but how we do this in actual settings. So we’re going to be doing almost 6000 square feet of flooring in a two day period in this training session. So we’ve got 32 set of 3200 square feet set aside for the coding side, and we’ve got another another up to 4000 square feet for polishing again, we’ll see how we’ll see how it all plays out as to as far as how much we do during the training. It’s going to depend on on where we take it because we’re going to adapt the training as we’re there to to the to the participants. And we’re going to make sure that we meet every single one of their those needs. And again, when they walk out of here, the goal is that they can actually do the application, not just make a sample board. So we really try to separate our trainings from others by by making sure that they can apply the techniques and the systems that they’re using at these trainings.

Yeah, that’s amazing, man. I mean, it’s it’s so cool how much thought and effort that you’ve put into this this training. And I know we were talking before we started, guys, it’s actually selling out to like quick. I mean there’s, there’s, there’s, there was a specific number of people that you wanted to come and you know, it’s just selling out really, really quick. So if you guys are in the if you guys are in the Michigan area or around that area or if you want to fly in, maybe we could talk about logistics, maybe like where it’s at and things like that.

And that’s the coolest part about this darn training. It’s actually going to be at the Cimarron headquarters. So you’re actually part part of the classes. You’re actually going to be able to take a tour of their facility. So I believe their facility is about 110,000 square feet in the main building. They have several other buildings that they they make stuff in as well. But but we’re going to be able to take a tour, see these products, get a behind the scenes look at at how everything is actually comes together in this world. So when you’re talking to your customers, you know, whether you use Cimarron products or not, I certainly hope you do because it benefits all of us. But you’re going to be able to talk, talk about how that epoxy is made, where it comes from. You’re going to know more than than when you arrived. So everybody our training is on Monday, Tuesday. Most folks are coming in Sunday night into. Right. Frankly, 90, 90% of the attendees are going to be flying in. So and I realize I’ve run a whole bunch of organizations in my past lives, so I realize what these events are a lot are about. It’s a lot of commitment on everybody’s end to come on in for a couple of days. So not only do we do some great trainings, but on Monday night we’re all going to Detroit Pistons game. So so we’re making a little bit of fun. We’ll have dinner at the game. Free drinks, free beer and wine so everybody can. It’s not about just us putting on the show, but it’s about the camaraderie that you build up with others. Somebody is going to meet a great friend out there, whether we become their friend or whether it’s the other installers that become friends. You know, this is a small industry and we’re all out here hopefully to help each other as opposed to to put each other down. And that’s the purpose of this show just as much as the training sessions.

It’s so true. I was talking to someone yesterday. Gosh, I don’t know why I’m blanking on who it was. I won’t namedrop this time, but I tend to be a bit of a name dropper sometimes. But anyways, I was talking to someone yesterday and we were just talking about this concept. Oh, I was talking to Chuck. Chuck Toki Oh.

Yeah. Very, very good marketer out in the world.

He’s a, he’s an amazing guy, absolute legend. And we’re doing a, a masterclass at the world of concrete together. So nice that we’re going to be promoting here very, very soon, which can be really, really cool. But the reason I was talking to him and we were sharing this this this common theme that, you know, in our industry, there’s not a lot of resources compared to I was at vertical track last last week, Tommy Miller’s event, we had Ken Goodrich there of ghetto. They did do $250 million this year. There’s all types of resources people give back to the industry like you wouldn’t believe it in HVAC, garage doors and painting. They have the PCA. There’s associations, Nick Slavic, there’s all these master classes all over. There’s sop’s about production everywhere. There’s coaching programs specific to, you know, in like and you look at decorative concrete, you look at concrete coatings and yes, there are some things, but really to get the juice, to get the real stuff, you’ve got to go B sign up for this dealer network thing or you’ve got to be a franchise. And I just feel like we need more abundance mindset thinking and we need more resources because if because if we don’t provide those types of things, I mean, we can all sit here and complain about the guy who’s charging two, $3 square foot, doing crappy work and whatever, whatever. But how about we not point fingers at the people anymore? How about we How about we put out our hand and say, Hey, here’s how you run your business, Here’s here’s how you be professional, here’s here’s how you do your floors properly. And by the way, here’s an sop to go do it yourself.

Yeah, Yeah.

We can do more.

Yeah. Well, and honestly, that’s why Global Flooring was was started and that’s why the partnership with Cimarron came together, because we have a lot more bodies to help support these guys. So hopefully we can avoid the failures that that do happen in this world. And it doesn’t matter what that person you know, we really don’t care what that person is charging. They’re getting the same level of support, whether they’re charging three bucks a square foot or ten bucks a square foot. Our job is hopefully our job is to help them avoid mistakes and mistakes in this industry, put people out of business, and we want to avoid that as much as possible. Yeah, and that’s smart. It’s it’s important. It’s, you know, we all need to be we don’t all need to like each other, but we should all be friendly and we should all support each other so that we’re all successful. Because if you have a successful application in Arizona, you know it’s going to lead to a successful business. All across the US, whether you’re doing it or somebody else is doing it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that’s why, you know, I’m just so pumped to share this presentation. I’m going to share on how on how we did it and a little nuggets. We, we did it with Facebook ads, Google ads and SEO only we didn’t even do anything else in that first year. And we spent about five grand or so a month to do it. And I’ll be disclosing a lot more exact exactly how I did it, because I just want I’m like, literally anyone can do it. Whether you hire a service service legend as a marketing company or you figure something else out or fire different agency, whatever it is, the framework could be followed and I’m excited to share it. Now, who are the Pistons playing? That’s what I.

Was. They are playing the Toronto Raptors, so it is a little bit of a local rivalry because right across the border. Okay, so but the cool thing is we’re going to be sitting in the suites, we’ll be sitting in the club. So we’ll have we’ll have access to to kind of mingle and wander about and meet everybody. So it should be a little fun little time.

Yeah, that’s awesome, man.

I couldn’t even name a Pistons player personally and I’m about. So it’s it’s really just about about the camaraderie and hanging out.

Yeah, absolutely. Man. Let’s take a step back after that. I’m excited, but let’s take a step back. Could you tell everyone and get get everyone a summary around the service? Business and just give us some context, like the business name. I know you said there were 13 employees. Maybe give us some more context and about that business and how’s it going?

Sure. So the service company is global garage flooring, and that’s a separate entity altogether. Frankly, I am. I’ve got a great team of people that that operate and run that company. I really try to keep that out of sight, out of mind for for lack of a better word, because we really are focusing on our distribution company and our fulfillment centers through through Cimarron to to grow that throughout the US. But there are several global garages across the country that is a franchise organization as well, and it’s not a franchise that we’re looking to grow at this point. We’re very content with the folks that are that are involved in it, but I my background is in franchising, so I, I initially bought Global Garage thinking I was going to franchise it out to to 100 units across the US and took a quick pivot and recognize that I don’t only want to support 50 or 100 people, I want to support thousands of people through the distribution model and global flooring systems allows me, allows me and my team to do that. So so that’s that’s really how we’ve pivoted through this. And and frankly, our partnership with Cimarron is so strong that with with them they have great products. A couple key points made in the USA.

They’re also available. They’re they’re not a they’re very premium products. So we’re not we’re not just looking for we’re not we’re not selling on price. That’s not what we’re about. We can certainly be price competitive. But but we want to put a quality product out there. And and that’s really what this is about. The service side is always used Cimarron products and frankly, that’s how I met Cimarron years ago was started using their products in the service side of the business and and the relationship developed to where where we started being their fulfillment centers And there’s several there’s a few other fulfillment centers with Cimarron throughout the US and and we certainly want to want to grow with them as well and that’s what this training really is is a kickoff to, to launching a few more locations across the US to support guys because what’s the biggest when you look at hurdles in this industry, you know, shipping product cost a lot of money and it’s it’s it’s a hurdle that that installers don’t like. So we need to make a product available in in Arizona that was kind of the hotbed of epoxy world for for quite some time. So you have local product availability but.

Oh, it’s wild here.

I know.


Wild West people.

Complain like I hear it all the time with clients. They complain in like these places and I’m like, Man, move to LA, Phoenix or Dallas. And it is like we probably have 700 companies here. Well, I say companies probably have maybe we probably have like five or six really good competitors that I think do great work. They’re great people and they’re just and if a customer chooses them, they are going to be in great hands as well. But the rest of them are just like, It is so wild here.

Yeah, it is. So we’re trying to eliminate some of that and with some consistency in the way we support folks. And the good thing is when people buy from us, they’re not only buying from us, but they’re buying from Cimarron. So so we’ve got a team of chemists at Cimarron that can answer way more sophisticated questions than I can. We’ve got all their sales and technical team at our disposal, so when something does backfire and install, we’re able to, through pictures, through through whatever we can find out, through information that installer, we’re able to to diagnose that problem and help support them and hopefully a way a much quicker manner than than most. Yeah. So that’s kind of what what I see separates us from from some of the others. And right now we’re not looking to grow the install side at all, like I said before. So we’re, we’re just focused on the distribution side. We don’t want to compete against the folks that were were we’re selling product to as we move forward. So that’s that’s a big bonus too, because there are a lot of installers that that dabble in product sales and that’s not we are certainly not dabbling in this industry. We are we’re in it full force with, with the support and assistance of Cimarron. And we’re like I said, we’re looking to to kind of take that market and move it throughout the US.

Yeah, that’s amazing, man. And you know. How many locations you guys have now?

We’ve got four. So we’re in we’ve got Orlando, West Palm Beach, Sarasota or Bradenton, Florida. And then we’re in Connecticut and we’re going to be opening in the next few locations will be Raleigh, North Carolina, and Texas and one or two in the in the middle part of the state that we’re still still trying to figure out.

Hey, you might you might as well potentially sell the other. The service company, man.

Is that what you want? You got a buyer? We’ll take it.

We’re thinking. I was thinking, you know, we got some. There’s all types of things happening in the home service space right now. It’s just. It’s just incredible with the with the private equity coming in. And I don’t think it’s been a better time than now or like the past maybe probably 18 months of getting decent, really nice multiples on your EBITA, you know, in home service. So it could be a thing to look at.

Yeah, I know it’s been it’s been an interesting like I said, I am a very, very small partner in that business at this point. I’ve pretty much handed it over to other owners at this point and they they run with it. So the equity is small, thankfully.

But I thankfully right. Yeah.

So, but it’s doing very well and my, my focus is on running the global flooring systems distribution centers. And then like I said, my business partners run that other side and I’m always involved in everything. But, but, but hands on and day to day it’s it’s global flooring with my team.

Yeah I love that man. Speaking about the distribution side, what is like the like the top products that you guys push there or that the customers are We’re not push I shouldn’t say push but what are the top products that you see your customers really using the most of right now.

Yeah. So our our one day flooring system is is really a a product differentiator. So our base coat, we have what we is our 1150 fast cure epoxy and it’s a hybrid epoxy and it’s the great thing about it is that depending on the climate you’re in, it’s drying it anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours. So you’re able to get back on it quickly. And that also holds up to £12 of moisture vapor barrier pressure. So so it acts as a moisture vapor barrier as well. You could flake right into it and put a code of our 93% polyester right over it. So so that system we sell we sell a whole bunch of and that’s our core core to products between the poly aspartic and the 1150 sell sell a lot of our 1100 SL, which is 100% solids epoxy for those solid floor systems for the for the epoxy guys out there. But the the unique thing about Cimarron is they make their own flake and not many people know that. So, so the great thing about Cimarron is they have three flake, three flake lines in their warehouse, which hopefully we’ll see a couple of them running when we’re up there. Yeah. So you’ll actually see get an idea of how Flake is made. But right now we have 11 core, our 12 core colors of Flake that are always in stock and they’re always in stock and quarter eight quarter inch, eight inch and most are in stock in 16 inch as well. So most most everybody has to rely on the one or two big companies that make Flake. But Cimarron has been making Flake before. Both of those companies, believe it or not. So it’s not a widely known fact, but they are.

It should be right.

It really should be. And they they’ve had trouble keeping up with demand and in the past. And that’s why they don’t make it a well known, well known fact, because really you have to buy their chemicals to get the get the flake as well. Going to be the the guy that you call up in order a few pallets of flake. Yeah but we have it in house it’s very consistent quarter inch flake and it’s it’s it’s certainly an advantage to be able to deal with one one company that’s that’s making it all. If there’s a system failure or something happens on a floor there’s nobody to blame but but Oscar Cimarron in if you’re not using anybody else so.


So it it’s certainly a selling advantage and certainly an advantage to everybody in Cimarron is not only a not not only is everything made in the US but the veteran owned as well. So so it’s you’re supporting local local folks and they’re just great people in general.

Yeah well that’s awesome man. And now do they have multiple locations too?

Like they’re just in Michigan, so they’re their home base is Madison Heights, Michigan. They’ve they’ve got several buildings up that way. They’re they’re they’re founder is a kind of a guru of a lot of different businesses. Simon And he you know, he started several, several companies.

And what’s his last name?

Plus. Simon Polish Nick. Nick is who runs Cimarron. And I may I may have just destroyed that name. Hopefully he doesn’t yell at me.

But I think I’ve heard of him before.

Yeah. So? So Simon and Nick now runs the. He’s the owner or CEO of the company. Now, Simon has since retired and they are just amazing people, very involved locally. They’ve started. Started many companies that you would have heard of within in this concrete coatings world. Well before. Well before we were in the business.

Yeah, that’s. That’s incredible, man. I love you know, I really love looking up to the OGs, if you want to call it, or legends of the Industries. You know, I’m one of those, you know, I’m 29, so I guess I’m considered a middle like millennial or something like that. But most millennials don’t like to listen to the older people. I don’t know why I like to take it, you know, as a as a as a duty. And I love just like hearing the wisdom come from people and I love looking up to people and learning from them and seeing what they did wrong, what they did right, what they would have done different. And I just think it’s a real joy to do that. And why wouldn’t you? You know?

So mentorship is an underrated, underrated thing. And in this day and age, we all need mentors and we all need to we all need to look up to somebody. Yeah. And it doesn’t have to be your mom or dad, although most people shouldn’t.

But I think.

Yeah, there’s.

Certain things, right? But like.

Absolutely. There’s so much you can learn by other successful people. And if you surround yourself with the right people, it’s amazing. You know, it’s why people hire you for marketing. It’s why people should come to us for for distribution, because they’re going to get solid knowledge and and they’re going to get that knowledge through experience. So even at 29, you can mentor somebody through their marketing problems. And we’ve seen that I can mentor somebody and show them the pitfalls they’re going to going to have through the first half million dollars in business that they do, You know, show them how that once you get from one crew to three crews, you’re you’re your revenue is going to go way up. But you or yourself may not make that much more money until you till you figure out how to how to charge better. So there’s there’s a whole whole bunch of many pitfalls that that we all can teach everybody. And everybody needs a mentor. And it doesn’t matter who it is. Find out who your mentor is in life.

Yeah, I love that man. By the way, I saw some questions in here. Let maybe just one question for those of you that are listening live, if you could put in comments, any questions you might have for John and the training, whether it’s regarding Simran or the training coming up next month or just anything for John, We have one right here. And I think it’s actually if I, if I go over here to the page. Ryan Murphy.

Yep. Ryan is. Ryan’s a customer of ours, I believe.

Yeah, He and Ryan, I’ve been seeing what you’re doing. Really like it, man. But he says, can you go over concrete staining as well? So he’s asking if they’re going to be some, some concrete.

We can add, we can add a concrete staining portion to the training. If, if that’s something that that is certainly wanted. We can certainly talk about that and make sure that make sure that we get that going. I’ll put a note down and yeah, we can add some some different options and talk quick. Yeah.

Hey Ryan, you ask you receive. Now Ryan, here’s the caveat. If we add the concrete, the concrete staining, you can’t come to the Pistons game. You have to. Yeah, we don’t.

We don’t have time for that anymore. Right. So no, Ryan’s already signed up and. Yeah, I know we’ll certainly go through some different staining options while Cimarron doesn’t make stain themselves. So that’s. But we can we can, we can find another stain from another manufacturer and show you some of the options as far as top coats that that Cimarron offers in terms of the staining.

Love it. He’s laughing. We have another question here. This one from Greg Bibby. He’s a client of ours. He’s in Wisconsin. He says, I came in a little late. What is the training covering and what are the dates? Hey, Greg, go back and watch the pot again. But John, if you can give a summary of the training, what you’re going to be covering, dates, things like that.

Yep. So November 15th and 16th, Detroit, Michigan, at the Cimarron headquarters, we’re going to have several different classes, but we’ll do them with metallic flooring class. The one thing about the metallic flooring class that’s a little bit unique is we’re actually going to show you how to replicate a sample. So in other words, how to take from your sample, how to replicate that on a floor. And that’s the biggest obstacle I see in metallic flooring is people people have an idea. Somebody sends them a picture and then they say, Yes, I can do that. Well, you can’t always do that. So we’re going to show you how to take it from sample to to reality. And we’re going to we’re going to show you 3 to 5 designs that you can take that with that are very popular in demand and that are very replicable, if that’s real.

Wow. That’s cool, because that’s the biggest challenge, right, is I mean, you see this guy named like Juan. Yeah.

I mean, we’ve worked with one a lot.

Done some crazy stuff, like what the heck, Isaiah Pryde, some crazy stuff. Seeing these guys like, it’s incredible.

Yeah. I mean, and Don’s hosted many classes for us and had great success in teaching guys. But as we’ve as we’ve seen those guys develop, we’ve recognized that there’s only a few that have the artistic minds to do some of that stuff. So what we want to do is, is we for, for, for folks like me who are not artistic, we want to teach you those 3 to 5 designs that you can replicate over and over and sell and get your 10 to 15 bucks a square foot for those designs. So that’s one class. The other thing that we get asked about all the time is urethane cement. So we’re going to be showing the create urethane cement. Those are just great applications for for kitchens, commercial areas and then also for real beat up concrete urethane cements an option. Then in the afternoon, we’ve got Ryan talking about marketing on that day one, and then we’re going to get a tour of the Cimarron headquarters, and that’s day one. Day two we’re looking at we’re actually going to teach you how to do a flake floor over a real pitted floor. So we’re going to show you a trick or two about if you get that real beat up concrete, how to do a flake floor and make it look good. And you can still get that done in a single day, believe it or not. And we’re going to talk about polishing commercial flooring. Cortes Flooring. So we’re going to show you a course flooring, and then we’re going to show you a solid floor. And this is a solid floor that we sell consistently into warehouses that are anywhere from 5000 square feet to a couple hundred thousand square feet. We’ll talk about about 100,000 square foot warehouse that we just did this at. We’ll talk about rates, how you guys can get that same rate and how you guys can make sure you don’t screw up. This. In my opinion, solid floors are some of the hardest floors to lay in our industry. And we’re going to teach you some tricks and some ways on how not to screw those up.

Yeah, that’s awesome, man. It’s going to be jam packed. Greg, Hopefully that got you your answer there. If there’s any more questions, let us know in the comments. We’d love to help you guys out and answer those around the training or if you have questions for John, specifically around Cimarron. Also, if you’re catching this and you’re still listening, I see people here live. If you could put in comments, hashtag live as well. What that does is it lets us know who’s tuning in live, who’s tuning in on the replays, and also with the engagement within the comments section and actually helps us reach more people within the group and things like that. So if you could do that, that’d be amazing. Also, if you’re on the replay, if you could post in comments, hashtag replay a. Lets us know who catches things later, Who catches things live. And maybe someday. Maybe someday we’ll switch the day in the time to reach more people and things like that. So appreciate it, guys. Appreciate that. John So, you know, as we come to like, you know, like a close here on the podcast, if you could just give us like why? I mean, there’s a couple of weeks left until the training. What like, why should someone take their credit card out by the ticket, buy the plane ticket and come on out? Like, why would they do that?

So so not only are we offering a two days of training, we are basically giving them this training for free. It’s $650. We’re giving every attendee a free set of diamonds. We’re giving every attendee a free seven inch cup wheel. We’re giving a $250 product credit and we’re giving them two nights a hotel and a Detroit Pistons game. So, so so the Detroit Pistons ticket alone is a $250 suite ticket, if not more than that. And in the $250 credit games are credit towards us. So and.

I’m coming. So you get to like you’re coming to train and you’re going to hear how I took Cardinal from 0 to 1.5 million, which most people would be like, That’s not possible. And I’m going to I’m going to show you how it is 100%.

I mean, you’re getting a marketer like yourself. You’re getting surrounded with with amazing people. We’ve got Steve Nelson from Cimarron, who is probably the most technically knowledgeable person in the industry. He’s going to be doing some of these demonstrations. You’ve got Kevin there, chemist who is he’ll answer Advanced Chemistry 101. You know, not even want to one. He’ll answer advanced chemistry, however far and in depth you want to get. But I can only understand level 100 of him because otherwise it’s too far over my head. But if you really want to know how something is is done or how how is poly aspartic different than epoxy? Ask that simple question. You know, I can I can explain it in layman’s terms, but, you know, if you really want to hear the true scientific explanation, we’ll get it for you. So so you’re not only going to get formal training sessions, you’re going to get a lot of time with some really smart people that that are a lot smarter than me and you that can answer some some darn good questions.

I love that man. I love that. Like having a resource like that, guys, is so huge. I see a lot of companies out there that, you know, they’re just looking for what somebody told them or the best price or whatever it is, you know. Well, we don’t need good pricing, but the support for me and the training has been incredible to be able to reach out to people like and like we were talking about earlier, like mentors, like, you know, a lot of the people that you know. When you go to these trainings, you meet the people, you meet the people like John and the production people and you know, and the guys that know the technical stuff. These people can be like mentors to you. Absolutely. The first five years, I mean, it’s incredible.

Yeah. I mean, we’re going to be we’re going to we’re going to not hound you, but we’re going to be there for for as you guys grow your businesses, when you get out of this training, we’re going to be there step by step. And whether it’s myself and you’re texting me or whether you’re texting one of the guys, the coolest thing I think we have as a group is no matter what number you text when you call global flooring systems, we all get it. So so we see everything. And even though I might not be the one responding, we know what the heck’s going on. I don’t know that I’ve ever I might have met Ryan Murphy once. I know my business partner did, but I know who he is. I know how good he’s doing in this in this industry. So so there’s there’s 100 other examples that I could give that are that are just like that. And it’s amazing to see somebody like Ryan that’s growing from owning a pressure washer company to to to now taking his business from what was nothing when we first met to to now a very, very successful epoxy coating companies in addition to power washing. So so those those type of examples are abundant. If you listen to somebody like yourself, you listen to to a group of of of guys like us, and that’s what we’re here for. And there’s nothing more exciting. I know every installer is like my kid and frankly, I’m happy when my kid makes a basket in in basketball. And I’m loving it when I see all these business owners being successful and applying the knowledge that we all teach them, there is there’s not a lot more of excitement that you can get out of life than doing that.

Yeah, it’s so true, man. And also, guys, by the way, I’m going to be coming back in myself or my assistant will come back in in the comments here and we’re going to post this link. Literally, you can go to this this page right here. Let me. Right here. And there’s going to be plenty of information here. There’s going to be the itinerary. If you want to check it out. There’s going to be some info there. And what you want to do is click register. It’s going to take you to this page right here and you can sign on up for the training. That’s got some more details there. You can check out with PayPal, your credit card. You can use your wife’s credit card. No, I’m just kidding. But I’ll come through and post that link for you guys so you can get registered if you’re around the area. It’s super easy to do that, but you can fly in. And I believe it’s just north of Detroit, right? Yeah.

So you’re flying into Detroit airport where like 30 minutes outside of the airport, you don’t need to rent a car. We’re going to have shuttle buses take. You need to get from the airport to the hotel. That’s about your only responsibility. We will get you everywhere else throughout the two days. And a.

Delivery man.

Hey, we’re trying. And listen, I’ve done a lot of these trainings, and that’s not only in this industry, but we we we need to make it easy for everybody. Yeah. And the only thing anybody has to worry about is getting themselves to the darn hotel. We’re going to have a great couple of days, you know, and drink a beer together or whatever, whatever anybody does and, you know, have a lot of fun and have a lot of great conversation.

Yeah, well, this is awesome. And you guys heard it here first. Don’t miss out on this training. If you need training, if you your team needs training or if you just want to hear marketing stuff, come here. Hear me speak. You can come. Whatever it is. Guys, we’d love to see you next month, November 14th, at the Cimarron headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. If you have any questions after this podcast, maybe you watch it and you’re like, Oh, I have a question. Posts and comments. Still, John will be in there checking out some things over the next couple of days. I’ll see it. You can hit up John on Facebook. You can hit me up on Facebook, DMS, if any questions at all outside of that. John, thank you so much for for your time and I’m looking forward to seeing you next month.

Awesome. Thank you, Ryan.

See you later, man.

I take care.






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