The ServiceLegend Podcast – Episode #17 – Coming To Vertical Track Will ELEVATE Your Home Service Business ( + A FREE gift from ServiceLegend)



What is going on, everybody? Happy Thursday and welcome back to episode number 17 of the Service Legends Podcast. We have a special episode today talking all about vertical track. And I have the Man, The Myth, the Legend with new updated equipment and lighting. Tommy Melo What’s going on, bro?

What’s up, Ryan? How are you?

Good to see you, man.

You too. How you been?

Yeah, I’m really good, man. I’m really good. It’s just insane how it’s already Q4. I’m like, bro times is flying by. How are things over there? A one. Oh, well.

Record day on Tuesday. Barely missed it yesterday. Record week, Record month, record quarter. So let’s.


Loving it. I really by having a process and really setting a budget. We know what we want to hit to hit our goals. So I go into this fight or flight mode come the 18th, and we happen to be on accrual accounting, so we don’t recognize the installs until they get installed. So we pulled out some miracles and we made it happen and the team is just phenomenal. Best team ever.

Yeah, I second that for sure. Well, guys, if you don’t know who Tommy is, most of you probably know by now. But Tommy Mellow, CEO of A1, Garage Door, Garage Door Freedom, kind of transitioning into home service freedom as well. Bestselling author, speaker and really just widely accepted as one of the best leaders, salespeople, salespeople, marketers, etc. in the home service industry. Man. So if you guys don’t know who Tommy is, what’s the best way to connect with you? I mean, maybe the podcast, the Home Service Expert podcast, if you don’t know who Tommy is, get into the podcast and listen to the content. Yeah, there’s.

A lot of people in that group. I think there’s 5000 people. It’s a free group, home service expert. A lot of people go there for resources. They ask a lot of questions. They’re looking for insight, vendors, marketing, how to get affordable wardrobes, whatever it is for your text. There’s a lot of knowledge given in there and it’s a great way to just see what’s going on.

Yeah, for sure. So if you guys are listening in your life, I see a couple people alive. If you could post on the comments hashtag live, let us know who’s live if you have any specific questions. Also post them in comments and then if you are tuning in on the replay, if you could post in the comments, hashtag replay, it’s going to do a couple of things. It’s going to let us know who’s live, who’s on replay. Also, we want to reach more people and so we want this content to reach more people. So we need some more engagement. So would appreciate that. Let’s dive right into it. Man. Vertical track. It’s in like two weeks, October 12th. What is vertical track and like what’s like the vision behind kind of this event?

So on a garage tour, you do have a vertical track, but really vertical means straight up. So hockey stick. You know, we talk about a hockey stick, but vertical is moving the company up vertically and track is you’re on track to go grow vertically. So I’ve been doing so many shop tours. Literally, I was doing like for a week and I just decided to open up the doors and have an event and. This event’s not. You’re not going to meet the biggest country singer or Muhammad Ali. There’s not going to be a bunch of quarterbacks. You’re not going to really learn about Michael J. Fox is not going to make a cameo here. That’s not what it’s about. This is about growing your home service company, growing your business. It’s about giving back to the community, really, the community that helped me grow into the business we are today. So I am pulling out all the stops, man. I mean, there’s nothing else that I know of that delivers value that can be implemented right away. And that’s what I think. I think there’s a lot of people out there that deserve more. You know, they have a $1.5 million business. They’re not they’re taking home maybe 200 grand. And I tell people now, I started in 2007, but I really own a business from 2014 to now because I was in the truck for seven years. And until I got out of the truck, I didn’t really own a business. I owned a job. And I think there’s a lot of people out there and they could listen from some of my mistakes and not have to go down the path that I went down to to make 15. You know, I’m 15 years into this.

So yeah, the 15 year club man Andy Freestyler talks about all the time. He’s like, Yo, I’m in the 20 year club. So there’s a lot you learn over 20 years. And what’s really cool about the event I like is is you get like so if you’re just starting out, whether you’re a year or two years, three years into it, you get to learn from guys that are in the 15 year room, 20 year room, you know, that have bought and sold companies. And so if you’re making 100 grand a month to earn a grand a month, whatever it is, and there’s someone sitting next to you or speaking that’s making maybe a million a month or 2 million a month or whatever, it’s a different conversation and different things you’re going to learn.

Yeah. You know, I, I’ve gone I’ve been at $2 million company. I’ve been at five, ten, 5000, hopefully approaching 200 this year. And what I learned is profit is for revenue, revenues for vanity, profit is for sanity. We focus a lot on putting a lot of money in the bank and we’ve got pay structures that align with that are price, book and service. Time is unlike any other. We’ve built a lot of additional software just the way we’re set up. I feel like when you come here, you see it. People walk out of here every day, literally, I do it still do shop tours, but not vertical tracks meant for that. They say, Look, I didn’t know this was possible. Now I know what I’m I can kind of see what I need to build and. I’d say there’s a lot of people that went out, build a training center and they learn how to recruit and they learn how to hire great people because human capital is one of the hardest things to find now. And we’ve got a lot of advice on that. There’s a lot of great speakers going to be discussing that.

Yeah, I love that piece, actually. I mean, sitting we’re at I mean, Cardinal will probably do 2.2, maybe 2.5 this year. The marketing company probably 2.5 or so. And I know right now it’s like the like our currency now is people like hiring people, training people, onboarding them, finding a players. I don’t want B and C players. Like, you know, it’s easy to get to 100 or 200 K a month, but to get to 5 million a year, it’s a whole nother ballpark of leadership and an accountability. And one of the really cool things that I implemented that I learned from you last time back in was it March? It was March. Was the one on ones. I just got done talking to our production manager here at Cardinal and he was just just praising like how well the one on ones are going, how much we’re learning and how much we’re able to keep them accountable and pour into them and figure out what they need training, you know, like whatever it is, you know, we can we can really connect with the team members on these one on ones. And I learned that from when you were talking about it just in March and we implemented it. And it’s little things like that for me that that are just mission critical to to learn when you’re trying to scale your business.

You know, Pat Clark was out here a couple of weeks ago and he goes, look, we started doing the morning mojo calls. He goes, You wouldn’t believe just that simple tip, what it’s done for my company. The guys have never sold better. They’re getting more five star reviews. They’re getting praised daily. They’re learning tips, tricks, certain strategies. And he goes, That was just one thing that’s made a huge impact, is discussing the wins each day and letting the the guys that are out there hustling become part of the day to day. Never criticize on a mojo call the one on ones are best for that. But a lot of opportunities a lot of opportunities come out of those calls and they want feedback. A lot of people say my guys don’t want to meet up daily. They don’t want to jump on a call. And I say that’s because it’s not positive. It’s because it’s all negative and all it’s you just yapping at them, talking shit. And that’s not any way to run a company. You should really focus on the big wins.

Yeah, I love that, man. Yeah. So, like, when you guys come to vertical track again, it’s not some like thing that we’re going to, you know, it’s not like some fun thing. I mean, there’s going to be fun, right? But you’re really going to learn strategies to grow your business. And you know, I actually hit up Lance for one, so I’m like, Bro, you know, I saw you doing these shop tours and I’m like, Well, shit, I want to scale server session to 10 million or more over the next 3 to 5 years. I’m going to go start doing that too. So I hit up Lance and he’s going to let me come tour his shop in November. I’m like, Dude, this is like, this is what it’s about. Like, I want to learn from the best and I want to know what’s what I’m doing wrong and I want to be held accountable. And that’s where you get to come be around these types of people in two weeks. Guys. Another cool thing for me was my team. I brought a bunch of the team over and they were blown away. They were like, Oh my gosh, Ryan, like, This is what you’ve been talking about. Like, this is what you’re trying to build. Like, this is like, Oh, I get it now. So if you have team members that like, don’t get your vision maybe or they don’t really see the bigger picture, etc., bring them to vertical track. They’re going to they’re going to get it when they come visit the, you know, the shop at a one.

You know, it’s really about the networking. It’s going to be a wild horse pass. Such an amazing place. It’s it’s a casino, but it’s not like Vegas. It’s like so much better. There’s golf. There’s so much fun stuff to do. It’s not crowded. You know, I’m not a big gambler, but I’ve done very well there. And really it’s about meeting people and just being able to build a trusted advisor list of people that you could call. And I get a lot of messages through Facebook on a daily basis. I get people calling me, I get a lot of emails, a lot of text messages, and, you know, I try to I feel like now I’m more of just introducing different people because I’ve got a pretty big Rolodex and people call me up and they’re like, Dude, I didn’t think this was possible. Like, you just switch a couple, turn a couple of dials, hire a few people. It’s not that hard. A lot of people just. They’re blown away by a million. Like a billion. The number sounds great, but it doesn’t mean the same as what it used to. With inflation and what’s going on, it’s become obtainable. And I just say focus on the outcome and then work backwards. So if it’s a billion, how many? What is my average check to? Okay, so then I just reverse engineer.

I need to hire this many techs, make the phone ring this many times, and then here’s how much I need to spend on marketing based on cost per acquisition. And you start to really figure out what needs to happen today. And a lot of people say, I need to do this next year, but they don’t do anything until the next year. It comes like, Well, I need to do this. I got tied down with this, I got busy doing this and I talk a lot about the Eisenhauer Matrix and how to really get control over your time, and it’s so important is to understand where your time should be going on a daily basis and you need integrators. You know, I talk about rocket fuel and how that works. I’m a visionary and I’ve got a lot of integrators around me. I had a company visit, a huge garage for a company recently and they said, it’s absolutely there it is. Love this Marc Winters and Gino Wickman. I had a huge company and they said, Look, I wouldn’t believe you if you told me this. And the craziest thing to me is all these people. I never seen them so happy. And I’m like, because they’re making a lot of money.

They’re getting to be involved in their own dreams. Think about that. Like no one cares about your goals as a business owner. Maybe your wife, maybe your family. But overall, you know, what they care about is they care about that. They’re accomplishing what they want in their life. And I’m excited because Kent Goodrich is literally one of the goats. Right? He’s he’s been in the business a long time. He’s sold five companies and he’s going to be really laying down a lot of lessons that everybody should get to hear. He’s done such a fantastic job. He’s he’s got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions in his bank account. And we want to show you guys how to do that. I talked to Joe Polish last night. Joe Polish is literally one of the home service kings. He owned one of the largest carpet cleaning companies in the world. And now he owns a genius. Now he’s got 220 people paying him 25,000 a year. And the Genius Network, he’s got 25 paying him 100 grand. And he went through some serious shit. I mean, he was doing coke, he was smoking meth, he was an alcoholic. And he talks about his abuse and how he’s turned it into something so much more. And he just really teaches people how to network and build true relationships.

And I mean, he’s look, he’s one of the best marketers. I love marketing. That’s his podcast. Such a smart team of people. And I thought a lot of people don’t know about them because the younger generation, they’ve never heard, you know, he’s really strong in the nineties and now he’s switched what he does. He speaks at major events. I mean, it wasn’t easy to get him, but I got him. Keith Mercurio Okay, that dude is a machine next door. Our network has 1200 plumbing, electrical companies. I mean, some of the smaller companies are doing 10 million. They’ve got 150 $200 million companies left and right. He was one of their head trainers. And now he trains by and at service type. And he’s literally their coach, Tom Howard. They’ll never see a speaker quite like him. He’s going to own the stage and you’re going to walk away going, This is what I need to do. Eleanor I’ve given her hundreds and thousands of dollars to teach me how to get control over my finances and understand what they mean. And she’s going to talk a lot about that. And she’s very, very great. It keeps going. I mean, the list I got out, Levi, he’s a mentor. Lance Bachman. His story is absolutely phenomenal.

Yeah. Balling out of control. Michael Bernoff Talk that dude knows more about your brain and how to motivate you and get you to do things. You just need to really work on yourself. The one thing that I’m always worried about, Ryan, is I’m sitting here podcasting on a daily basis. I read more books and most people I know, I literally go visit shops all the time. If you’re not investing into yourself, I just get afraid of kind of moving above knowledge wise, and I get afraid that my guy’s got to work a 4050 hour workweek and then still make 10 hours to work on themselves. Unfortunately, they’re not going to be able to keep up some of them. And I don’t want to say I outgrew them, but they just they didn’t they didn’t want it bad enough. They didn’t want to excel themselves. And that’s what this is about. A lot of people go, I just can’t afford to take off. I’m like, Man, you’re going to be broke forever if you’re stuck and you can’t take off a few days. I’m really sorry. I don’t mean to be kind of sending, but that’s the life you’re living that you can’t afford to leave your shop. All the more reason to be here. Mm hmm.

Yeah. I remember when I first started my agency, and we were maybe doing, like, 30 grand a month, and I was like, Man, I want to do more. And I had somebody send me a screenshot. It was a guy that I looked up to and he sent me a screenshot. And actually, you know this guy, I won’t mention him here on the pod, but he sent me a screenshot of his agency at the time. This was like four years ago or maybe three years ago and it was like 200 K a month. He had just made 200 K, and I was just like, Whoa. He was like, Bro, it’s possible. And I remember it was like, That’s all I needed was a screenshot of him saying, Bro, this is real. You can make this in your business plus 30%, 40% net profit. It’s real. And just like me, like having that awareness of that being possible, like my dreams be impossible and like, and there was somebody else out there that actually accomplished it. That’s all it needed for me, you know, like, so if you’re back here, sitting around, moping around, thinking that you want to do the things that you’re seeing your friends do or you’re seeing Tommy do or Lance or, you know, all these guys out there. Step one is just show up. Step one is just get here and you can’t afford not to be here. And he also told me, too, that, you know, if you want to learn about all the problems in your business, he said, go on vacation for ten days and don’t take your laptop and see what happens, you know? And so it could be a double whammy when you get back, but it’ll be good feedback. So take the leap. Let me ask you this. So obviously garage door freedom was you know, I first started out with garage companies. Obviously, it’s kind of transitioning now into home service freedom and adding more niches coming on board. So is this going to be of value for coding companies, painting companies, power washing, things like that as well?

Well, the fact is. You put me in any company. I need human capital, I need leads, I need conversion rate. I need high average tickets. It’s all the same. It’s just it’s a little bit different as far as what we’re fixing and what we’re working on. Yeah, it literally is the same concepts. In fact, I’m going to be investing in a lot of businesses next year because I move faster than the company can move. Now. I got to have everybody kind of going and I’m just like, Look, Brandon Bond is going to be there dropping bombs. Listen, last.

Year to.

Last year, I had all these people come in from from different CSRs, right? There were different CSRs and. Different technicians. We took a guy from a $300 ticket average of 1200. He came for the tech training and we don’t really teach guys what their trade is. We teach them simple the words to use, how to build a great impression. People buy from who they like and trust. We took somebody with a booking rate of 46 to 78% because of a day they spent here all day. People are like, Man, I don’t have enough money to bring my people here. I’m like, What’s your average ticket? They’re like $500. I’m like, If we increase your booking rate by 20% and they took ten calls a day, that’s $1,000 a day for that person. Yeah, the math is mind boggling when you really think, how could you afford not to? You know, we did a leap of faith here and we’re training 20 guys next door from other companies. And I’m telling you what, the fee is nominal. But, you know, these guys are all what happens in these companies when they go through this is quite you know, quite frankly, it’s jaw dropping. It’s just unlike anything they’ve ever expected because it hits the bank account. That’s what I want. This is not a cost. It’s an investment. And I just so people understand what an investment is. And listen, if this if you guys think I’m greasing my pockets here, then I’ll show you guys the bills. It’s money lost.


Last time you saw, I think I showed you was like a $64,000 dinner bill. Yeah, and that’s what they cost. That’s where they make their money on the food. We’ve got some really amazing speakers that we invested in this year, and now I’m trying to do is give people real, true things. That can leave them with lots of money. And the shop tours is is understanding what your dream needs to look like and asking learning how we do the training and talking to recruiters. I just I’m a little partial because it’s our business, but we built our dream and I got a long way to go, man. I’m still working on it, but look. You’re going to walk out of here. And if you implement just a few things right away, it’s a fortune. It’s a fortune in your pocket. It’s giving you freedom. It’s allowing you to buy the things you want, go on the trips you want. You know, one of my technicians just said he’s on a three year. You never got to go on a a. After the wedding comes the honeymoon. Honeymoon? She’s never been on one. Obviously.

I got married and I haven’t gone on one either. I was I was too broke.

So a lot of a lot of people are too broke. But, you know, it’s so great when you see people get to go do these things. Yeah. And they get to buy their their wife a real ring. And I understand when people get married young, it’s just nice to be able to see people that are getting home by supper now that are they’re soccer coach for their kids, that are making it to their plays that are really a part of their life. It’s meaningful time and that that’s the best thing in the world. And that’s what that’s what this is about. It’s about freedom. It’s about to do what you want when you want with who you want, whenever the hell you want. And that takes hard work, grit, discipline, consistency, all those things. But it’s it’s, it’s reinvesting in yourself continuously. And then, like I said, you’ve got to have an ability to build a budget and a personal budget, and you need to not buy Harley-Davidsons. You need to like not buy the top Mercedes for a couple of years, reinvest into the company. And I promise you. The richest start to grow themselves. It’s amazing. I absolutely love it. I just bought I just signed paperwork here about an hour ago for another 12, 12 apartments I just bought. It’s like left and right. We’re buying more assets. We bought the building next door. What? We’re continuing to invest into the company, and because I’ve been doing this a long time, I got to do these things and that’s just the house. The technicians, my my 19 plex doesn’t hold them anymore. There’s too many of them, 50 technicians coming in this month.

And you just got your garage door done at your personal house. I saw. Is that, is that completed, Is that nice or what.

It is completed and. That might cost some. That was 8600 with the manufacturer discount.

Did you get up to that?

They hooked me up with an extra 1000 off, so go figure. But I believe in the garage. It’s 40% of your curb. Appeal is the smell of your home. It’s the number one return on investment. It keeps the cool air in in the summer, the warm air into the winter. It’s got the technology attached to it. So Amazon could deliver packages. I don’t think people understand how awesome garage doors are. And then we did the flooring too, and made the flooring look brand new. It looks like a new house. So we painted inside and outside. I got the golden t inside I was playing last night. Always a good time.

That’s awesome, dude. I love that man. And what’s really cool about your story too is garage door freedom, Home Service. Freedom. It’s like it’s really you know, it was a big inspiration, you know, behind Service legend, right? It was like this Home Service legend. And that’s what everyone coming to Vertical Track wants to be is a service legend, is you know, a service legend is not just someone who makes a lot of money. It’s kind of what you do. You’re you’re you’re creating more opportunity for your team members. There’s upward mobility, there’s benefits. And for one case, there’s time off.

There’s Let me go through this. Oh, let’s go through this. Ready? Yeah. I pay a big piece of their Aflac. They’ve got health care, dental care, they’ve got a 401 K, They get paid time off. They get a brand new vehicle, a brand new iPod, iPad. They get they get weekly pay versus biweekly. They get the Dream Manager program. We invest in the Dave Ramsey program. Wow. We go on a yearly trip called the Pinnacle Club. If you make the contest and it’s an amazing trip, we went to Cabo San Lucas last year.

Yes, all.

That. We try to feed them as much as possible. We got the nicest coffee machine I’ve ever had. In fact, it’s too nice. I drink too much coffee now.

Is it coffee or espresso?

So they got the espresso, they got the Dunkin Donuts, they got the chai tea, they got you name it. And it’s like the grounds of the beans. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, why is this thing so darn good? In fact, I kind of want one right now. But the thing is, we do have fun things here to do. You don’t need a bunch of money to do great things. A volleyball tournament costs as much as the volleyball top golf.

In 500 bucks. Well, that’s what we do at Cardinal is like, you know, we’re we’re obviously a lot smaller, but, hey, we can go to top golf, we can go do fun things, still go to.

A park and cook some frickin hamburgers and hot dogs and go play Frisbee and play some cornhole and get to know the families. 82% of people say don’t leave a business because they made friends there. And look, I’m in the fetal stages, man. I’m writing a new book called Elevate Build a company in which every person could win the client, the vendors, the employees, me, I get to win, too. And, and our partnerships. And there’s no reason if I win, you have to lose. And people are shocked. Why do I put all this stuff out there? Why do I tell everybody my secret sauce? Why not hold it all in and I can’t give enough? I want to give more. I want to share everything. And I’m telling you what I’ve got. True relationships and true friends and money changes a lot of people. All it does is ten times your personality. And as I continue to do better, I continue to multiply what I can do. And I’m really here to give back. Like this is. A lot of guys talk a lot of shit and they’re just so full of crap. Those genuinely. I heard a stat. I think Joe Paul said it last night or somebody said one out of five. Of the consultants that are out there, and I don’t consider myself a consultant, but they typically didn’t make it in the real world when I got my master’s program, which is bullshit.

I hated the teachers that didn’t make it in the real world. They got tenure and they talked because they had to. They taught out of a textbook where the other teachers taught out of experience because they were millionaires. And I think that that’s important successfully as clues. You guys want to come in here into my office, I’ll log into our bank account. You guys can take a look. I’m not going to go out on this and say it, but you could see that I speak from the heart and the truth. And there’s a lot of money that is in our bank account. And I’m just. I’m not trying to be condescending. There’s a time that I barely made rent. I wrote the company a check not that long ago, not many years ago, you know, four or five years ago to make payroll and look. Sometimes you just got to go out there and find out what’s wrong, and there’s a lot of people there to help. And I’m a I was in a truck for seven years, dude. I was doing landscaping before that. I used to wash dishes. My parents didn’t give me a lot of money. They didn’t have a lot of money. They gave me love and they gave me attention. And they care about me deeply, you know? I mean, I have a sister, but I’m definitely their favorite kid. I’m kidding.

Finnegan. Huh? Yeah, Like Finnegan.

He’s the face. Exactly. What a great dog.

Yeah, I did, actually. Your dog inspired me. I was like, Dude, I have to get a dog. So we went out and got a dog. His name’s Legend, by the way.

And Nice.

Yeah, dude, he’s. He’s a little golden doodle and.

Oh, that’s awesome. We need to meet him.

Yeah, dude, my wife is so, so happy, but. Yeah, dude. So seeing you with your dog. Well, I mean, we took a picture of me holding the dog, and then you. I mean, you forced me to do that, so I need to run that as an ad or something like that. But yeah, dude, I’m excited about vocal track. You know, I learned so much just being. Just. Just being around people that are where you’re trying to be. Just being in their presence, asking questions, hearing how they talk, their tonality, how they look at you, their body language, their eye contact. You know, there’s levels to this stuff. And so so if you are out there and you’re on the fence and you haven’t taken out your credit card and signed up for a vertical track this year, I just encourage you, do it, get out there and do it. And look at Jeff Geer just talked. Well, Jeff owns I think I think he’s probably going to do nine figures soon in coatings. So, you know. Jeff, did you sign up yet, bro? Are you coming? We’d love to see you, bro. But seriously, if you guys are on the fence, sign up, get registered. One final nugget I want to leave you guys with and then tell me if you want to leave something too.

But service legend is going to put on a lead conversion kind of workshop or training at the Cardinal Office Day one. A vertical track is October 12th and the shop tours start about 8 a.m.. And Tom, you’re doing a couple, I think you’re doing one later in the afternoon, but from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. local time, we’re doing a lead conversion workshop. So if you’re a concrete coding company, painting company, power washing, come to the Cardinal office. It’s about 10 minutes away from the vertical track. We’re going to do a quick training before the cocktails start about 5:00 and it’s completely free, guys. So I want to make sure that we provide as much value as possible. And I’m just very passionate about lead conversion. I believe a lot of companies can make a lot more money without spending a lot more money if they just know how to convert and take care of their leads a lot better. You know, a lot of people will spend a lot of money on leads and they don’t take care of them. You know, they don’t treat them like the little babies. They treat them like little like step, step children. You know.

The customers want what I want. They want to be communicated with. They want to have an honest dealing. But the most important thing is shit doesn’t always go right. They just want to know what’s going on. For example, we’re doing some acquisitions right now and I blew up on my team. I saw that you could peek at the bank account. I saw that and I’m talking to my acquisitions team and, you know, maybe maybe these companies don’t fit right now for what they want. And I said, listen, let’s just let’s really tell them what they need to do and we’re still interested and let’s do it in six months. Like, the one thing is don’t leave me high and dry. Don’t leave me as a customer. Don’t leave me as a future partner. I want to know what’s going on, dude. Like, do you want me? Can I be part of your family? And I’m like, Dude. We’ve got work to do, but I want to communicate, and that’s all clients want. We had a Canadian company come out last year, a garage tour company. They brought 12 of their staff and this year they’re closing down to bring every single person because they said, We’ve taken so much from this. A lot of people are afraid to bring an employer to some key people, some strategic people, and that’s the biggest mistake ever. You know, everybody knows all of our KPIs. They know how much money we have. We have open book management. I don’t hide things. I’m like, Oh, that’s mine. You don’t get to know. I remember when I bought a big house and we we since then sold it because it was too big, but we’ll see what happens in the future.

But was like, we can’t have people come here that work for us because they’re going to think, you know, you make too much money. And I’m like, f that. I’m like, We make a lot of money. Everybody knows that. Let them come here. Let them see what they’ve worked for. Like, look, they’re not working for that house. Let them enjoy it. That’s why I bought it. And I’m just like, Look. Ultimately, there’s this funny quote. It’s this guy with a Ferrari, and his employee walks up to him and goes, How much did that cost? He goes, It was pretty expensive. And if you work really hard this year, you hit all your goals. I’ll have another one next year. And that’s not how I am. I still got the Nissan Titan and money will never change me. All it does is exemplify who I am and it gives me the freedom to really spend time with family, friends, business owners that I enjoy being around. I’m here to help. I had a guy and I’m not going out of the way to tell this. It just happened recently. And he says, Hey, man, I’m really down on my luck. I just venmo him 1500 bucks. I don’t expect it in return. He’s just the guy that works with me out of my personal account, and I don’t think twice about stuff like that. I hope a million I hope every employer doesn’t do that tomorrow. But but when people are having a tough time, it’s your responsibility to be almost like a parent to them and help them out when you can.

Yeah. Yeah. I remember the first time we met. You took me around in the truck and I was like, Dude, this is an older truck. And you’re like, I like, I pride myself on this. Like, you know, I mean, I’m not materialist, I’m not, you know, And it really changed my perspective on what we’re doing here and why we’re growing. And listen, guys, you’re going to learn all of this and you’re going to experience way more than this conversation at vertical Track Sign up. You get a discount. If you sign up through our link. It’s going to be in comments here and if you guys have any questions about it, DM me, call me, text me, whatever if you have questions. And Tommy.

Said, All right, if you got somebody that’s really down on their luck and they truly can’t afford to come, let me know. I mean, if they’re just, look, there is a cost to this things I’m trying to just. I know I’m not going to break even. It’ll be a loss. But. But the goal was to try to recoup some of the things so we could put on a really great show. But if you really just can’t afford it, get a hold of Ryan and we’ll see what we could do. Hopefully Ryan’s got a big house. He could board you, he could take you on his private plane to get out here. But ultimately, I just want people to experience this man. That’s all I’m trying to do. I want them to live their best life ever. There’s some people that might be entrepreneurs. There’s other people that are entrepreneurs. Some people may not be cut out to run a business, but they do a hell of a lot. They might make $350,000 working for somebody. We need those guys. It’s out there. And this is about giving. This is really about helping people out. So.

Hey, I have one guest bedroom, okay? And my wife just texted me that my mother in law might be coming over the next couple of weeks. So I don’t know. It might be taking ice. But anyways. Tommy, I’ll always appreciate the time, man. Appreciate it.

And listen, let me read you a quote real quick. You know, I have a hard time with I usually go an hour or so, but we’ll end here.


The master and the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play. His labor and his leisure, his mind and his body. His information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing to him. He was always doing both.

Do I need I need to read that again? Probably. That was deep.

Well, I’ll read it again here. Listen. The master in the Art of Living makes little distinction between his work and his play. His labor and his leisure, his mind and his body. His information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing to him. He is always doing both. I got goose bumps. Wow. I love that Iron Man.

So do you live by that?

You know, it’s so weird. People tell me what I do for fun. I’m like, I’m doing it like everything. I’m doing it like I. I literally enjoy my life. You hear a lot of people. There’s a lot of depression, a lot of stuff with COVID, a lot of suicide attempts and things. And I just I’m very fortunate that God has been great to me. And I feel like there’s divine there’s divine powers looking after me because it only gets better. It’s you can’t explain what’s happening because I sure as hell can’t. People are finding me. I don’t even have to search anymore. The clues are everywhere and there’s so much more I love to do in this world, and I hope you guys have come to vertical track. It’s going to be a blast. I want to see you there. But more importantly, I want you to have a life of abundance. I want you to enjoy your life, your family, the personal relationships. I want you to have your dreams come true. This is the first step. And I appreciate you guys watching this today.

All right, guys. We’ll see you guys on another episode actually tomorrow. We’re doing a webinar with Joe’s office talking all about their virtual reception services. So don’t miss that. It’s going to be exclusively in the Service Legends Facebook group, not all over like it is today. So we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Thanks, brother.






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