The ServiceLegend Podcast – Episode #26 – Ranking Your Home Service Business #1 on Google W/ Dennis Yu



Well, happy Friday and welcome back to another episode of the Service Legend Podcast. We have an amazing treat for you guys today. I mean, an absolutely amazing treat. We have Dennis you here as a guest. Dennis, welcome to the podcast.


So today, guys, we’re going to be talking about how to rank your home service company on page one of Google, not page 20 on page one of Google in 2023. If you didn’t hit the revenue numbers that you wanted to in 2022, get ready. Get ready here for 2023 because we are going to show you how to get unlimited phone calls from Google next year. So before we jump into that, Dennis, if you could just give us a quick bio about yourself, who you are for probably those two or three people out there that are listening that have no clue who you are.

I’m a search engine engineer. I retired 20 years ago. I was one of the first people at Yahoo! And my job was to protect the search results.

Welcome to the Service Legend Podcast, a show for Home Service business.

My job was to protect the search results from all the SEO agencies and spammers and other folks that were trying to pollute them. So I take the other side of SEO because when you’re the search engine, you have lots of data, you’re looking at different signals. So I wanted to share what it looks like from a search engine engineer’s point of view. And I think you guys are going to find this eye opening. And if our SEO hopefully today will be as good as the way Marco hits golf balls, then it’s going to be killer.

Yeah, we played top golf last night, had a great time. And Marco, Marco can smack these golf balls. Well, so can Dennis as well. So these guys are awesome. Dennis is a really a very humble person and guy, but he is one of the absolute goats of marketing. So if you are using an agency right now, I guarantee you that at least, you know, maybe one part of their strategy is probably been learned from Dennis you, whether it’s Facebook ads or SEO or content or Vas or soap or something like that. If you’re in marketing and you don’t know who Dennis is, you are missing out. But I’m going to pass the mic over here to Marco. He’s going to facilitate for us here a little bit and we’re going to really walk through some of the most important things to focus on next year for SEO, some of the basics, the fundamentals, and we’ll get into some more things. And if you stay till the end, we’re actually going to have some auditing done of certain websites and we’ll have a call to action for everybody. And if you’re interested, we might even be able to offer free marketing audits for your home service business website. But Marco, I’ll pass it over to you, man.

Awesome. Well, I think this is the second podcast I’m finally on, but every time in the very beginning it says, Hey, you’re the co host, you know, so.

It’s glad to have you here, bro.

Yeah, we got to stop slacking. But yeah, super excited to be here. And before I share my screen, if you guys in the comments, I see there’s people live on Facebook and what have you. If you could put maybe the company name that you’re joining in from and we’re going to select a couple to to review and audit after some slides that we’ll go through. And yeah, just to make it a little bit interactive, put them in the comments section. I have another computer here pulled up that we’ll get the names.

And if you’re watching on the replay, you can type it in as well. We’ll go back to the comments, make sure you put in your URL as well.

Awesome. Sweet. So here we got the slides. Ranking your home service business number one on Google. And let’s cut let’s cut straight to the chase here. So the problem is, most home service companies out there, whether you’re a painter, plumber, HVAC, garage door, doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, struggles to generate more business online. And as Dennis and everybody here would agree, you know, SEO traffic is going to be your utmost best traffic on your website. It’s going to help you generate more leads, more traffic to obviously achieve more freedom and more impact in your service business. And so what we want to do today is review some of the basic fundamentals when it comes to SEO, but then towards the end we want to get more actionable. Look at some websites and Dennis is going to show us some audits on what he does when he looks into the websites. It really come with basic action items that you can start doing on your service business website even today or what have you. So. The opportunity is obviously massive, right when we talk about SEO. It stands for search engine optimization. And it’s obviously when you go on Google and you search for a local plumber or local roofer and people are searching on Google all day long, right. It’s our greatest friend, if you will. And as you search through those search results, what you’ll notice is there’s multiple different areas. You have the Google, my business section, the map pack, and then you have the organic section. And we’ll be talking a little bit more about those couple of sections there. Obviously Google in the latest months. Dennis Like there’s been updates. There’s been updates, there’s been a flurry of updates on Google recently, one being the useful content update, spam update link update. And as far as the the recent updates, what does that really mean for for these websites?

This is something Google has said for the last 15 years. Probably the clearest way to look at it is what they talk about with Google, eat, experience, authority and trust, and then they modified that to eat. So we’re I’m sorry, we’re looking for experience, expertise, authority and trust. And rather than going to those particular factors, it’s this simple. Google is judging you as guilty before guilty before proven innocent. So there’s if you look at the number of Web pages out there, 2 trillion, 3 trillion, depending on how you count them, almost all of them are spam. So how does the search engine determine what is legitimate or not? Well, does it have links from other Web sites that are high authority? So that’s why things like domain authority, domain rank, these other things matter so much. It’s like a voting mechanism. Are other sites that are in the same category linking to you. So if you’re a proxy in Houston, then are you saying things related about epoxy and other sites that are ranking for those in those same neighborhoods are also ranking to you? Is there evidence of weird things like Google’s a lie detector test? So if the link velocity, like the rate that you’re getting links or the number of unique linking domains is high or you’re getting a lot of links from these Russian weird spam sites or a lot of Blogspot sites which are auto generated off of Google. If any of these signals are not in place, then Google is it’s like it’s not like you violate any one rule and you get busted. But it’s an aggregate score.

It’s like a flurry, right?

Yeah. So just like a lie detector test. And so what we did 25 years ago at Yahoo! And a lot of the engineers that I hired at Yahoo went to go work for Google. So that’s how I know some of the people that were on my team, believe it or not, that then went to Google and then Google IPO and some of them made over $100 million in that IPO. Can you believe that? Wow, that’s crazy. I didn’t make that much. I made some money, but I mean, like double digit millions. But Google is always looking at approximating these different factors. And people will say, okay, well, what about the helpful content update from two months ago? And a lot of people are crying and screaming because that just got implemented. That’s that’s rolled out in the last week or two. And I’ve seen some people’s rankings drop and people will freak out over like Panda and Penguin and all the particular little nuances of each update. Guess what? There’s hundreds of updates every single day. So here’s the thing to know Legitimate SEO comes from content that actually deserves to be ranked on with humans. Like if you are in a moment, we’re going to look at location service pages. So if you’re serving an area and you have city name epoxy, city name, garage door, city name, whatever, and these pages are all the same, of course you’re going to get nailed because that’s not what a human would like to see. So we’re going to show how to break that down, show how to audit what you have, show where this authority or link juice comes from and how you can look at this as a business owner, how you can audit your agency.

And my goal is as we go through this deck and then we go into the live auditing, we will demystify SEO for everybody. It won’t be this black box magic. Well, Google is making all these changes. Well, what is the latest change mean? And then the voodoo doctor starts like doing their magic and keeps you confused. My hope is that SEO is for you at the end of our session today will be very measurable, very easy to understand, and you’ll know exactly what to do in a practical sort of way. So these updates don’t worry about each of these little updates. It’s just noise if you’re doing things the right way. The fact that they added an extra E on it. Doesn’t even matter. It has not changed our strategy because we’ve always been sharing experiences. So Tommy Melo, for example, he has his text go out and gather little stories, kind of like a ride along or Hey, did you know that the garage door is the smile of your house? And so lots of little one minute videos or he’s at a sports game or he’s interviewing somebody on his podcast, That’s that’s all direct experience. That’s all with people that are well known. That’s his customers. That’s the new vans that’s showing the training. Guess what? He’s already doing this by doing things that actually deserve to rank instead of trying to say what are what are the ranking factors or what are the evaluators doing, the quality score guideline people doing every year when they change the quality guidelines? And then how do we adjust our strategy? That is not the way to look at SEO. Yeah, that’s a spammer approach.

And don’t be reactive, right?

You’re doing it the right way. You want you want these things to happen. Can I tell a story?

Let’s go for.

I might get cancelled for saying this. All right. So let’s say, you know, Ryan is walking along the beach, right? Ryan Dave is walking on the beach and he finds a lamp and he pulls it out and he rubs it and out pops the genie. It’s marked the magic genie. And he says, Ryan, I’m not an average genie. I mean, you’re going to get your three wishes, but any wish that you ask for, your ex-wife gets double. Wow. What you have. Right. And so Ryan’s like Ock versus Genie. I want to have $10 million. Boom! $10 Million right here. Poof! $20 million to the ex wife. Right, then. All right, Jean. Second wish. Well, I want ten Lamborghinis, boom, ten Lamborghinis, 20 Lamborghinis to the ex wife. Third and final wish. Ryan says Marco, the Magic Genie. I want you to knock me half dead. You see.

That’s a good.

One. It’s a good one. Now, why did I say that? Because I want I want Google to be harsh on these other people that are using spurious weak BS techniques for SEO, which we’re going to point out. We’re going to audit these sites.

Live and put.

Them. And if you put your site in there, we might uncover some things. So put in your competitor’s site and.

I see where we’re getting some comments here. So we got Fitzpatrick painting all around surfaces Texas best epoxy. So good later in the in the episode here we will for sure be reviewing some of these. So a lot of these contractors, they just want to have a foundation of like what’s right, what’s not right on on Google and with SEO and things like that. A recent one here would be the link spam update. And again, not to be reactionary, like don’t read it and be like, Oh, I need to do this and this, you know, but more so, just steer your ship in the right direction in the long term and you will always be in good hands and Google’s paid. Now, this was out on December 14th, so this is very recent. Right. The link spam update is really to mitigate Blackhat SEO, these other strategies out there that are you know, people are on the back end doing all these different fishy things that try to promote their site and maybe rank for things that, you know, like basically promote a website for something like a keyword that has high volume and then actually not do that right, and then just drag traffic somewhere else. And so, you know, like, for example, don’t buy or sell for ranking purposes, like write content for for, for uniqueness and actually providing value versus buying links and things like that. Right.

Well, there’s two sides on this and it has I can’t believe in 2022 this is still working. But you used to be able to go to these link networks and buy all these garbage links and you could rank for low competition sorts of terms. Like anything that has keyword difficulty under 15 you can probably easily nail. But what we found is that that’s been so easy that if you wanted, let’s say that you and another guy or number one and two in a particular market in Minneapolis for Windows or something like that, you could buy a bunch of porn links for your competitor and sync them. And that’s called Google bowling. Right. And so what Google’s done with their updates is they’ve made it so that they’re more likely to be able to detect when someone’s buying bad links for you. So you don’t have to disavow those links. But at the same time, if you are buying links for yourself, the penalties are a lot higher. Right? So we’re going to talk about what a high authority links, how to identify spam links. It doesn’t mean you have to just Oh, crap. You know, Marco said that Google has this link update, so we now have to go into this mass disavow like you don’t. That’s not what I’m saying.

Really. Just to analyze what you do have.

Let’s see where your links are coming from and do some of them look spammy. And most of the time you as a client, you can say, you know what, I had no idea these links, these links were coming. I hired an agency, it wasn’t me. And then I’ve seen this all the time. I audited a huge company. I can’t tell you their name, but they’re a huge company. You know who they are. And they had an agency that was charging them 70,000 a month to do SEO, and they were buying garbage links and they were claiming they didn’t do it. We use this tool that we’re going to show you in a minute and in 5 seconds, I found all these horrible links that was actually hurting them. It was working for them. But because of this recent update, it started hurting this client.

Well, we’re going to stick around for that. Cool. Another thing here is don’t use automated programs to create links to your website as well. So like a lot of you know, whether it’s AI or just these automated systems that build pages and and URLs on your website to spam Google.

So this is more about things like spinning content you could even use like Jasper or GPT to generate content and also generate links. Clearly don’t think don’t do things that are hundred percent automated. But here’s the one thing you can use tools like link whisper or rank math that do suggest links, but I don’t recommend just saying select all great links and then just choose the ones that are relevant. Make sure if you’re generating content that there’s still. I’d like to have like 30 40% human involvement. I still like automation, but the point here is don’t use 100% automation. Don’t like use a keyword spinner to generate tons of content by all your location service pages. Don’t just take your content in English and automatically translate to Spanish. You still need to have a human touch, right?

So there’s got to be that extra element to it before it gets published.

And also, guys, Chris Best, he’s from I forget what company he’s at, but Chris Best mentioned right here that he gets a lot of spam calls after buying SEO work online. And obviously this is something that we see all the time when we get new clients coming on board. I mean, I think server legend landed maybe 15 clients maybe this month, something like that. And as we’re auditing these sites, this is this is something that’s prevalent. Dennis Marco have you guys could speak to this too? Is is this something that’s normal or is this something that’s done with bad practice? Says, What do you guys think?

I guess it really depends. Like as I read it here, I get a lot of spam calls after buying SEO work online. I guess it depends what the SEO agency did, you know, Like what? What did they do to to, you know, to rank? Like, are they ranking for keywords that are getting those calls and are they irrelevant keywords or are they just getting random calls? And is that just aside, you know, like it could just be one element to like why they’re getting those spam calls. He’s not a direct factor. You know. What do you think?

There’s that. The easiest way for an SEO company to declare victory is do things like generate, like a directory, right? Or generate a glossary on the site. So you’re ranking on informational queries instead of ones that have commercial intent. So if I did a glossary on here’s all the different kinds of garage doors, I’ll rank on more keywords. I might get more traffic. But then.

If you’re not ranking for this.

That’s someone who’s writing a history of like of how houses have been constructed. They’re not we’re not they’re not homeowners that are looking to get something fixed, right? So one is like garbage, which increases the SEO metrics that they’re looking at but doesn’t actually increase the business. The second thing is the more content that’s being put out there, the more likely the robots and spammers out there are grabbing that, tying that back to your phone number and then using auto dialing to you. Ever get those? I get like two or three every day. We’re like, someone’s trying to sell me Web services. It’s some guy in India or the Philippines and whatnot and you know the script, right? Yeah. So I’d like to help you with your SEO would like and I’m like, Do you have a website? No, they don’t. It’s A, b, C, one, two, three And so you as the home service provider, they know that you’re going to answer the phone. So the best way to try to sell you services is to pretend to be a customer or to call that number. So ironically, if you’re doing better in SEO and PPC, whether it’s it’s legit or not, you’re going to get more and more of these phone calls.

Yeah. So it makes a lot of sense where if you’re ranking for a lot of maybe even like. National terms. National terms about whatever the niche is, right? Let’s say you’re on painting, you’re you’re ranking about all these different painting terms and they’re national terms and it’s not necessarily have buyer or commercial intent behind those keywords. And so it could be irrelevant calls or spam calls. Yeah, You know.

The bigger you are, the more spam calls you get.


If you are cashing in checks like Tommy, you’re probably getting more spam calls than anybody else in the entire country. Or ghetto. Maybe as well or. Absolutely. Who knows?

Yeah. Another thing you want to look at here is the directory sites. You know, like obviously here at Service Legend on our Mastery program, we have 50 main directories that we, we we place Knapp information. So name, address, phone number for our clients. And what I’ve realized anyways is low quality directory sites are just harmless or harmful to your company, your company and your website online.

It depends on how low quality, low quality is, because if you go through like a Yext or a white SPARC or one of these other like paid directory update services, they’ll get you in 50 or 100 directories. I think that the signals that are generated there, they don’t they basically don’t count. It’s not value. It’s not that they hurt you, it’s that they just don’t matter anymore. Yeah, right. Direct. I mean I used to directory signals ten years ago were amazing. You’d pay ten bucks a month to Yext and that would just work because Super Pages, you know, is owned by Verizon and Verizon distributes data back through the different Yellow Pages, which bubbles up through Twitter. And Twitter is powered, I think through Foursquare. And then that feeds back to Google and Facebook. So there’s this whole layer of data that gets aggregated all the way up. So a lot of people say, well, it’s primarily it’s a Google game. Yeah, but where does Google get their data? Oh, well, what we care about Yelp or we care about Facebook, but where do those guys get their data? They all get it from this underlying aggregator layer and the aggregators, they don’t really know.

It’s kind of like the same thing. What Google does with the Knowledge panel is they’re looking at underlying sources that have to tie to each other and refer to each other. So just because you’re buying directory links doesn’t mean you’re sending a stronger signal if you don’t know what the canonical is, which is the the entity home that you’re tying everything back to. So ultimately it’s it’s how you’re structuring your content. So are you tying all your socials back to your website? Is your website linking back to these socials and these core directories when you’re getting reviews and whatnot, are they related to other pieces of content that actually generate traffic? So rank, brain and other things that we talk about, where Google is looking at signals of human behavior also sends that same signal. So buying bad directory links isn’t necessarily good or bad. It just usually doesn’t do anything if there’s not if the content structure isn’t done properly. Yeah. Yeah.

Right. Okay. That makes sense.

Total sense. And if this is too technical, guys, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t. It’s not a huge deal.

Awesome. The second update that we want to quickly just brief everyone on here is the December 5th update, and this was the helpful content update. There’s been a mix of recent helpful content updates and just the context out there. Folks, this update is really tailored towards those companies and websites out there that are just spamming content on their websites that are really put together to rank versus actually provide value. And so back to what Dennis was saying earlier, just right, your content for humans, like we’re all humans, just write it for the human who is on the other side of the computer. And if they find value in it, they’re going to be on your website longer. The bounce rate is going to be good, like all of the other metrics that you’re trying to achieve are going to be good if you just write good content, right?

So 20 some years ago we were implementing this same thing, what Google is calling helpful content update. And it’s really this simple. If someone comes to your website, whether it’s our robot that’s crawling like the Yahoo bot or the Googlebot or it’s a human, what are the signals that we’re looking for on whether we think that’s helpful content? So from a user standpoint, you might look at it as well. It actually answers the question. It has rich media, it has links to related sorts of material. It’s not just the anchor text repeated over and over again, and that’s things that I might look at programmatically. But what are signals that I would look at from a human standpoint? Well, I’d see like, how long did they stay on the page and where did they come from and did they click on other pages within the website? And what else do we know about them? Well, the reason Google can implement helpful content, this update that just came out is because they have tools like Gmail. It’s because you’re using Google on your phone. Why? Because they absolutely are using that analytics data.

They that’s why they wanted to build a social network and failed because they wanted to have that data to help triangulate when users are actually having a good experience and using the user experience to determine rankings as opposed to all the basic SEO robot signals. That’s been that big shift. So helpful content is not just for a lot of people thinking, you know what, this helpful content update, it doesn’t affect me because I don’t do I don’t spend content, I’m not a spammer, I’m not selling Viagra. But you know what it is? It is affecting you. Why? Because if you’re doing the same thing that these spammers are doing by just having pages that look like they’re auto generated. And we’re about to look at some of your sites in a minute and we’re going to point out where you’re guilty and you didn’t realize that you’re guilty. That is absolutely like, no, but we’re a legitimate business and all this. We’d never do anything like that. Well, we’ll cover that in a second. Yeah.

Also to guys, as you guys are joining in, I know there’s some some new members here that are joining in. If you could type in the comments, hashtag live if you’re here, live. Also, if you’re catching this on the replay and you’re deep into this comment, hashtag replay, it really gives us some good feedback of who’s live, who’s on the replay, etc.. So love seeing you guys here live. Also, like Dennis was mentioning here and alluding to is towards the end of this presentation, we’re actually going to audit live websites like literally live right here. So if you want to make more money and actually get more phone calls, more leads, etc., in the new year, you’re going to want to stay till the end. But in the comments, if you could actually drop your website URL and we’ll actually pull that up, we can’t pull up everybody’s, of course, but if we can pull up as many as possible, that would be awesome. And we’re also going to be offering a free marketing audit to anybody that wants to get their website audited to see if there’s bad links, if there’s no follow links, if that if your website’s actually ranking, if you’re actually getting the phone calls or leads that you should be getting from your marketing company. But Marco Let’s keep it moving, man.

The other thing here was obviously. Help rather than try rank with keywords. What we’re going to do in a little bit here is review some websites and look at the keywords. We’ll do a full keyword analysis on on some of these websites and figure out in that area what are people searching for that have buyer or commercial intent to buy, painting, plumbing, whatever it is. And we want to look at the content. We want to look, Is it helping or is it spamming? Is there is there keyword stuffing involved? Like we want to look at everything in terms of those keywords and whether that content is actually helpful to the end user.

My favorite thing to do is bust these CEOs. It takes 2 minutes. Yeah, and they don’t like it when I come in. Uh oh. Dennis is here. Yeah. Yeah, You’re.

Here to inspect. Yeah, right. So Google prefers that you be the expert in your niche as well. So there’s something called topical relevance, topical authority. And this has becoming more and more important as the years go by, because that’s a way for Google to really eliminate people who aren’t actually authoritative or have niche authority. So when we talk about plumbers, painters or whatever industry you’re in, you want to break it into different categories. So like if you’re a painter, let’s let’s look at that for a second. What services do you offer as a painting contractor? You have cabinets, you have interior exterior. If you’re in the Midwest or you’re in an area where to get snow, you’re going to have different seasons. And so one of our recommendations, that service line, is you want to really like all of those or all those categories. You want to be you want to have topical authority within each one of them to be trusted as the painter in that area. And so when it comes to your content, your overall strategy, whether it’s on social media as well, you should be every piece of content should be linked to one of those categories. If it’s not, then you should. There should be no reason to publish it.

Yep. Oops.

Make sure your content is executable. So, like, you know, obviously when we’re writing content on different websites, make sure it has like an action item after like after someone read it. If they’re just bouncing and they’re going to another page, it means it was an executable, right? So we want to provide as much value on these landing pages as possible. So if someone comes there for you, how much does an interior painting project cost? We want to make sure it’s executable. And there’s actually they actually get their answers so they can move on to their next question. They had.

Let’s say, completeness for the question, right? So if it’s a very narrow query where they just want to know a particular fact or something, then it doesn’t have to be a long blog post or a long video. If it’s something like what will it cost to remodel my house? Well, that’s going to be a much deeper answer. So the length and the depth is going to be contingent upon the query that we’re trying to answer. So and the part about being executable, not everything needs to have a call to action because we’re not trying to sell. If you try to sell every time, that doesn’t make any sense. If you believe in the three stage funnel, which is what Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, tik-tok, everyone in online marketing believes in this exact three stage funnel. It’s called awareness, consideration and conversion. Everyone uses those exact same words. Then conversion is Yeah, you sign up for an estimate, call us, would it fill out the form? But things that are for awareness and consideration where you’re doing things in the community, let’s say in Phoenix, we’re part of a walkathon or Tommy had this thing last week. Where is the what is the Santa helicoptered in and then shop with the cop. There doesn’t have to be a call to action. I mean, maybe it’s like donate or maybe come to our event. But not everything needs to have a call to action, especially if it’s top of the funnel. If you’re trying to build the relationship with other people, if you’re trying to show these or other groups that you’re part of, if you’re trying to highlight customers and their successes, if at the end you say and then contact a one garage for an estimate like that, that.

Doesn’t work every time. Yeah.

So just just use common sense. You don’t have to have a call to action at the end.

Right. And it could be something as simple as like, hey, join our newsletter. Yeah, right. For all the latest tips on whatever.

And it could be on the site already. Right? So you can have blog post on whatever, but you have a top nav or you have something on the side where there’s a button that’s there that’s on every single page so you don’t have to put it in the content itself. Otherwise it looks like you’re selling the whole time. And believe me, if your content is good, customers will reach out.

Yeah, they’ll find your content. Yeah, 100%. Obviously create good resources and just provide value that will end this portion of the presentation here. But really, you know, when you’re like, how many times do you scroll on Google and you find something, you’re like, Wow, that piece of content was terrible. Like it did not give me the answers. It did not give me what I was looking for. And when you bounce, you go look at someone else. It’s given Google like, Hey, this.

One’s not good. So when we were training up these Yahoo! Engineers 20 some years ago, you know, you’re getting old when you’re like living in the past. But we had Google search results in Yahoo! Search results side by side. And we created a tool that would randomize. So you didn’t you do a search and you didn’t know on left side or right. So like the Coke or Pepsi challenge thing, could you tell which one it was? And users couldn’t tell the difference between the search results on Yahoo versus Google because the quality was actually the same. People just thought like Google was better because of their marketing and it was cleaner, but because it was the same engineers, they built the same thing. So the reason I bring that up back to here on like how do you determine whether the search result is good? We would do things like look at dwell time, we’d look at how many clicks a user had. Imagine you’re the search engine, you’re going through the search logs trying to figure out, are we serving good queries or not? And we found, for example, that because because this is a mistake that I made, I thought, you know what? The longer we can get people to spend on Yahoo! The better, Right? But actually, we want them to leave as fast as possible because that means they found the answer that they want. So they’re not continuing to search. Right. So what’s the number one thing that the search engine looks at to determine whether something is a bad search result?

Um. Bounce rate.

Bounce rate. So bounce. So someone clicks on the thing and then they leave and then they go to that next result. That’s called a click back. So the number one factor we used as a search engine to determine whether that site was garbage was the rate of click back. So a lot of people, they click on the competitor’s ads thinking like, Oh, I’m going to charge them five bucks because I’m going to click on all their ads. No, no. The best way you can get in trouble for this, the best way to screw over a competitor is to click on their URL, click back, and then go to the next search result, because that sends a negative signal to the search engine saying that was a terrible search result. So you can’t see click backs in your Google Analytics, but you can see bounce rate. So you can look at the bounce rate by page and get just a basic idea of whether you’re you’re actually delivering.

Like if it’s high, what’s a good number? Is it 60%? Like what’s a.

If your home page bounce is above 70%, you probably have a problem. Articles can be lower. It depends like if you’re just answering your question and they’re on to the next thing, that’s fine. But if it’s a landing page, your bounce rate is going to be like 95% because 5% of the people will click on the button to sign up or call you or whatever it is. So it bounce rate is contingent upon what the expectation is for that particular page. So just just look at your bounce rate overall. Don’t look at a particular number. Well, Dennis, at 70%. No, look at how it’s trending over time on the home page versus blog pages versus location service pages versus your contact form benchmark for each of those categories.

Okay, awesome. We’re about 32 minutes in here. Looks like we got some websites in the comment section.

Yeah, I sent you two of them. So we got I think we can start with Texas best Apache dot com and then we have Fitzpatrick painting dot com which Tim’s going to be a panelist for the sales legend synergy event next next month. By the way if you guys are not signed up for the sales legend synergy event, I mean you guys are missing out. It’s going to be absolutely incredible. Dennis is going to be speaking there and sharing, I believe, the holiday strategy there for us, which is going to be mind blowing. Also, we’ve got Jeff Gear that’s going to be a panelist there, sold his company for $75 Million early this year, doing literally residential concrete coatings. It’s going to be absolutely amazing. So if you’re not signing up for that, right like right now, let me know. Send me a DM on Facebook, I’ll get you the link, we’ll get you dialed in. The pricing is literally going more than double starting Monday. So let’s get you signed up before Monday. But right now, Marco, we’ve got Texas, Bex, Epoxy Dotcom and then Fitzpatrick painting dotcom. Those are some good sites to probably dive into as we get started. Also, we got another live here looks like. And then, Josh, do you have a website URL? Maybe we can fit you in as a third company. We’re not looking to name.

That’s the best way. If we search Josh’s flooring and installations and he doesn’t show up, that’s an SEO problem, right?

Also, we probably can’t audit the entire content. I’m not sure what you mean by that exactly, but we’ll definitely look at the site. Josh’s flooring and installations. Dotcom.

Yeah. There he is.

Fantastic. We have Josh.


Awesome. So what we’re going to do is we’ll do a keyword analysis, we’ll do a general like website overview, if you will, and then we’ll look at maybe some backlinks and.

Yeah, and these are steps that you can perform with us. Some of these tools we’re using you might not have, but we can run these reports for you as well.

Okay. Do you want to start with Josh is here?

Sure. Let’s do it.

Awesome. So it looks like Josh’s flooring and insulation is in Denver.

Wrong browser.

Josh’s Flooring and installation. Okay. So obviously, this is a Google my business here, 17 reviews, all five star. Great reputation, obviously, in the marketplace. It’s a good start.

To panel reviews, but it’s still.

Good. Yeah. Yeah. Typically what you’ll see is what, ten reviews, you get a little uptick in rankings and then when you’re at like 50 is kind of the next.

Well, we see people with hundreds of reviews and they’re not in the top three in the local three pack. And the reason why is Google is looking at review velocity. So how many you had in the last two weeks is more important than how many you’ve had overall. A lot of people don’t know that. And let’s see, because we’ve looked we’ve said a particular name. Google thinks it’s this guy. If it was flooring in Denver, we would get the local three pack. We get three results on mobile and desktop. So he is ranking on number one for his name. He should be right. The first result? Yep, that’s him. He’s got three site links. You see that about us gallery and reviews. You can have up to six. I want to see evidence of rich snippets. So like review snippets, locations, other kinds of snippets. Obviously you have third party directories that are going to show up his Facebooks there. Have you ever noticed this like B, r, f, r, or M, dot or L? You know what those are? They’re link shims basically to account for mobile for tracking Yelp. So this M Yelp, this is mobile. This is another guy, is it? There’s another Josh flooring in Sacramento. But thank goodness. Why? Why is our Josh here outranking this? Josh, why do you think?

It’s more relevant to search.

Is it like, well, how do we determine that?

Well, because it’s got an insulation in it.

Okay. Right. Because we said our search was Josh’s flooring, so and and installation. But the biggest reason why. Is because he has more authority on the site itself and the other guy has got a zero. So if we actually you have it already open here. So if you look at H refs, he is pretty low. He’s got a point. One we really should be. If you’re a local business, you’d be like 15 or 20 at least. It’s the log scale. Every ten points up is ten times more powerful. Like the earthquake Richter scale. He ranks on 11 keywords. What keywords does he rank on? Let’s see. Epoxy flooring. Denver. Good. He’s in position 50 or whatever. 40, which is the fifth page. So, Marco, how do you hide a dead body?

On page five.

On the second page of Google. All right. There’s 200 people a month that are searching for epoxy flooring. Denver, We’re getting zero of that. There’s 150 people searching for concrete stamping. Denver And here’s the URL that is ranking for that. And position 44 is his page on concrete stamping. Now, if you look at the URLs that are ranking, there’s this home page concrete stamping his home page so he doesn’t have a lot of pages on the site is what I can tell. And the keyword is going after the keyword difficulty. Six nine.

All very.

Low. Yeah. So so because his domain authority is so low, he’s a de point one. And by the way, don’t obsess over any one of these metrics. All these metrics, they work together in a certain way. He doesn’t have enough power to enter the competition for these other keywords. So from an SEO standpoint, most people that do SEO, they think, you know what, I can just create more content on the site and you could have the most amazing content on the site, on a brand new site that has no authority and you’re going to go nowhere. Why?

Because the domain reading nobody trusts you.

And why is a domain rating low?

No backlinks, No backlinks.

So let’s look at 140 backlinks. Now most of these are going to be directory kind of backlinks. Free listing USA. Now this has a 63. My website’s a lot higher than that, but. Excuse me. But these are all nofollow, which is an attribute where these directors are saying, Yep, you can have your listing here, but we’re not going to pass you any juice. So yeah. And so think about all these sites. They have a certain amount of juice. Like here, whoever this guy is, you know, actually answer blogs. This sub domain has no power. Let’s look at these other ones. These are. I can see what’s going on here. This is some garbage here. Just think about this for a second. Gregory, AQ 14 692 blogs, whatever. Does that sound like a real human’s blogs and how to pick a tile floor contractor? Yeah. Josh, did you did you hire an SEO to do some spamming for you? Because this this is starting to look like there’s some spamming going on. Look at these directory. These are all garbage directory links. So anyway, the sum of all. So a lot of these sites are high R, domain rating, domain authority.

But they just don’t.

Mean they don’t pass any juice. There are no follows and the the pages themselves carry no power. So I don’t want to go into a ton of detail here because we can spend a whole day just on this stuff here. But the net effect of all the links that he has is he has no authority because he has a 0.1. The sum of all of his sites is a 0.1 from the links that he has. And therefore from these 73 referring domains which are mostly garbage links. And so he gets no traffic off of these and he ranks on these 11 keywords.


So he needs. So Josh in Denver, if he’s a flooring coding company in Denver, I want to see that he’s talking about things related to Denver as a search engine. I’m looking for topical relevance and I’m looking for geo relevance. So topical relevance, I need to see a ton of content on. Can you just type in a site colon search because your arms are more I like t arms, just do cite colon in front of that. Oh, yeah. Just put in front.

Oh, geez. Now I’m really messing that up.

This is a weird mouse. There you go. Here we go. So he has seven. Your URL’s on the website. So, Mr. Josh. Or ask Marco how many pages should he have? He’s only got seven. How many? What’s the right number?

Yeah. I mean, ideally you want to have your obviously your, your homepage, your main service pages, Whatever systems you work with, you want to have system pages. Yeah. About us pages, resources, pages. You know, there’s no real answer. Like you want to land on like 20 and say that’s it. But ideally you would have anywhere from 15 to 20 like main core pages, killer pages. Yeah, pillar pages. And then obviously as you do your content and you create more blogs, more articles and maybe gallery pages and things like that, you’re going to start to get a lot more 100.

You should have at least 100. Yeah. If you’re not if you’re not at least 100. And this is not just some arbitrary number because think about it when you’re talking about. You know, a new tech that you’ve hired or all the different locations. So in Denver, there’s there’s at least 30 or 40 different cities in Broomfield and LoDo and Boulder or whatever. Yeah, you’re going to talk about different topics. Maybe there’s a favorite restaurant. I love going to Fogo to chow in downtown Denver. I love going up to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. You know, the there’s a train that goes from the airport to downtown. What is it, the red line or blue line? Whatever it is, there’s lots of things you can talk about that’s relevant to flooring and relevant to Denver. And if you get into the habit of making these one minute videos all the time when you’re visiting a customer, when you have I don’t know anything about flooring, but let’s just say, you know, we’ll look at. All these different topics here concrete overlays, concrete stamping slabs, driveways. You can make a one minute video, Josh, about each one of these particular things you have. Look, this is about slabs, driveways and sidewalks. There’s nothing here. Show me pictures. Show me. How is it done? Right? Why did why did you do this driveway this way versus this other way? Share some expertise.

What is it about?

And if I look at this page. This page has got a zero on everything. So there’s no links to this page, not even from your own site, from no domains, it has no traffic. And this page ranks on no keywords because the site overall doesn’t have any power. None of it flows down to the page. It’s so easy to audit, right?

Yeah, the depth.

So easy to see.

This. Yeah. So as far as the action items, because we could spend hours on every page here, the reality is, is the domain rating is very low, right? So there needs to be a strategy to generate more backlinks, more links which could really start from the core. Like what can you do on page, right. Like what on the website can you do? Which we talked about more pages, more information about the service list, like on like having specific service pages, right? Things like that.

So with SEO, there’s two things there’s on site and there’s off site. So on site Mark was talking about I need to have information about, about. Josh So here’s a selfie of Josh who’s doing something in the, in the flooring. But imagine if Josh had a video saying, hey, I’m Josh I’ve been in Denver for 20 years and this is what I do and this is how I got started because my dad was, you know, whatever. There just need to be more information about him, about each of these different things. So if he’s if he makes a one minute video about each of the things that he does about epoxy garage floors. Then. Yeah, there’s there’s not enough content here. This is not this is not going to rank. I mean, this should be 500 plus words for what he has here. 750 Yeah. Yeah. Well that’s a whole nother discussion. But there’s. You need to show examples of what you’ve done in different parts of Denver to increase that geo signal and show the topically you know a lot about epoxy floors and garages. Right? And maybe you you have other friends that do garage doors and you write a guest blog post on their site which generates a link back to you and vice versa. Right. I’m not saying directly link exchange links, but you need to be in that neighborhood of other people, other contractors that you work with. Right. And so there’s no links to you and you’re not linking to these other people. You need to show you’re basically friends with these other folks. So the on the on site piece, you just don’t have enough content across the pages that are that Google sees and you have more than seven pages. But Google says you have.

Seven, but they’re not indexing.

They’re not indexing because you just don’t have the Google gives you a crawl budget, basically. They’ll they’ll look at a certain number of pages and say, oh, that’s it. Based on your domain authority, basically.

Yeah. So now he needs to start looking at off page things, start building.

The other thing I can tell, this site was probably built a long time ago. There’s whoever built your website. I’m not saying anything is wrong with it, but this content here, someone just put it up very quickly. It doesn’t have authority. It doesn’t. It doesn’t feel like. Josh, you were giving this expertise. The best way to do it is if you literally just go, let’s do some PR do a search on concrete flooring. Denver. The best way to learn how to rank on Google is to use Google. There’s a local three pack. Sometimes there’s going to be Elsa above. Let’s go down. Let’s keep going.

A search, concrete coding because it’s more relevant to the industry.

So there’s ads, there’s the local three pack, scroll down. Now you see that people people also ask right here. So, Josh, listen to this. When people are searching. See, even he misspelled concrete and Google knows how to fix that. People are asking how much does it cost to code a concrete floor? What is the best coding for outdoor concrete? Can you put coding over concrete? Is it better epoxy? So what should you do, Josh? You should make one minute videos answering each of these questions and turn those into blog posts. If you really want to be pro. Take those one minute videos. Upload them to your YouTube channel. Embed that YouTube link in that blog post. Why would we do that about that? Yeah, and click on that. Just click on that for any one of those questions. And then just keep going and then just click on more of these things and you click on things with what’s happening here. Do concrete coatings crack, click on that.

Well, and also Google owns YouTube. I have found out yesterday Google owned YouTube. I found that out last night. No.

Okay. So what did we do? We pretended that we were consumer and we search for concrete coatings. Denver. And we have this these other. Why epoxy versus this? Or how much does it cost to do it in the garage or and now all of a sudden, the more we search, the more Google is saying, well, people also.

People also.

Looked on this. So this whole thing is called PAs. And what Google said two months ago is that they’re switching from being a librarian, which is like you ask, what’s the capital of Kansas? Oh, it’s Wichita. Yeah. And so Google’s been like, I’ll give you this one piece of information. That’s what it’s been for the last 25 years. Now they’re switching to trying to understand the intent. And so PAs is trying to service these people with related sorts of queries. So if you want to win on concrete coatings, Denver and maybe that’s a competitive term and we can see what the keyword difficulty is, what about how much does it cost to epoxy two car garage? What if you did that right and someone else is already winning on that one? Boston garage. So you can see what other people are doing in areas other than Denver. And then, Josh, you make your version of this, you make a one minute video, have your VA transcribe it or hire one on five or whatever. Yeah. Or have your agency do this. And now all of a sudden, let me ask you, Josh, or everyone else in the comments, how long do you think it would take for you to go through and look at the 100 most common questions on the things and on services that you offer and you just copy down these 100 pages and then you sit in front of your phone vertically and you answer these questions one minute each. Take you like an afternoon, right? Mm hmm.

You take you a minute. Yeah.

And then that’s all the time that’s required for you. Take you 100 minutes, and then you ship that off to some VA, Fiverr, Upwork free freelancer, dot com, whatever. Right. And then they turn that into articles and videos and YouTubes and Facebooks and Tiktoks and all that kind of stuff. You have all your social, you have all your search covered and all it takes you is 100 minutes and you don’t have to hire a consultant. Google is telling you what you need to make your content on. How about that?

Yeah. And the other thing is, is obviously the more content, whether it’s on social media or blogs and articles and providing value on your website for these, these related keywords here and the related questions people are asking because Google is trying to figure out the search intent behind it. Yeah. That is building your topical relevance. So as Josh, you make those reels or those videos or content on how much does it cost or can coding go over concrete, things like that, you’re starting to build topical relevance and then as you link back to your main pillar pages, which are in Denver, you can actually have a higher probability of ranking in Denver for those keywords.

Now, if this was a technical SEO workshop and we teach a lot of these for people to do SEO professionally, will we cover here? What we used to cover is like keyword density, LSA, other sorts of things. But I intentionally didn’t mention those things because when we ask Google what are these related questions and what are people searching on, Google is already feeding us those answers. So you don’t have to understand all these weird technical SEO things.

Yeah, a question we have here on the on the board here is tik-tok as good as YouTube. Like in terms of SEO juice.

They’re different Tick Tock is looking at. So I was at Jake Paul’s house and you were filming a course and I just made a Tik tok. I wasn’t really thinking about it and it was at his house and TikTok recognized that it was Jake Paul’s house in the background in my video. And the thing got millions of views. That’s the first thing I’ve ever done with Jake Paul But that’s because it was recognizing it was visually recognizing Jake. Paul wasn’t even in that particular video. But if I make a TikTok video in downtown Denver, it’s TikTok is going to recognize that it’s downtown Denver. So if I’m making this in the studio and it says service legend, all tiktok’s going to see a service legend and try to map against anyone who’s interested in service legend. But if no one knows service legend, But they do, that’s why you have to be out and about. That’s why the walking and talking videos work so well on TikTok, because they recognize the face, they recognize the background. It’s really like this Terminator, like the brain, like it’s it’s so smart because YouTube is going based on user engagement and watch time.

And it’s all that’s why when you use to mogul and to buddy these other tools or you log into your YouTube insights you’re looking for if you can get 40 or 50% of your people to watch a video, this 15 to 20 minutes, that’s what you’re optimizing for on YouTube is watch time, which you’re optimizing for on TikTok. It’s watch time as well. But you’re also making sure the content itself does your targeting because people then like batch, batch, batch watch your stuff on TikTok. That’s how you get caught in TikTok. We watch like 15 or 20, the same thing. Yeah, Yeah. Right. So it is the most and, and Facebook is different because it’s based on who your friends are. You want to know what your friends are doing and tiktok’s like, I don’t care if you’re friends with that person or not. If you’re watching that skateboarding video or that golf video, I’m going to show you 50 more of the golf and you’re not friends with those people.

That’s why you don’t see your friends things. When you’re scrolling on TikTok, you don’t see your followings.

Right? Come on now. But the strategy that Mark and I are talking about right now, which is making one minute videos about what you know, we made short little videos when we were playing golf yesterday. We’re putting them out there. We’re not just willy nilly putting stuff out there because we know that when we take that and we cross publish or some people call it repurposed, we post that same thing to Twitter. You tag me an Instagram story, then the different networks are going to. Do their thing like Facebook and Instagram are going to try to show it to our friends. If we turn that into a blog post and we’re trying to rank on Google, Google is going to try to answer related sorts of questions. If we put it on Tik Tok, then it needs to be as interesting as other golf related sorts of videos. Well, you didn’t hit it like outside of the net, but you hit the net in the back, which is 217 yards. But that’s not viral enough to be an interesting Tik Tok video. But if you’re talking about your swing or if you’re talking about SEO while we’re doing this, that might actually work on YouTube, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, right? So it’ll hit differently on each of these networks.

Yeah, they’re all different in their own way.

So it’s not like, Oh, well, you should be on TikTok because that’s the hot thing right now. It’s make that content and then let it run on every single channel. And most people who are social media experts will try to argue with me. No, you should make content just for YouTube content, just for TikTok. No, I don’t have time for stuff like that. I make the content once and it could live on every channel.

Awesome. So the next website we want to do here is I think I’ve heard of this one Fitzpatrick painting.

Yeah, I mean, so they’re actually coming to the sales Legend Synergy event. Tim, the owner of this company, I think it’s an eight figure painting company and they’re going to be he’s going to be a panelist speaking about how to build a legendary sales and marketing system. So excellent company. I mean, they’re definitely successful. So let’s see what they got going on online, though.

Right off I can see their d r 26 and they rank on 4500 keywords. Boom. Right. Anyone above 20 and above 1000 keywords. Now let’s see, are these keywords related to Oregon, Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, basically Oregon metro areas. And I already know they are just from seeing this Fitzpatrick painting. Of course you’re going to rank on your own name. And of the 900 searches, he’s getting 195 because probably the rest are going to ads, maybe as competitors that are doing this as well. He has what I can, as far as I can tell site wide https, which is good. So he’s analytics are probably working pretty pretty well let’s see using built with type in rabbit. We can see. Come on. Internet. Let’s see what this is built with. It looks like a WordPress site. And you’ve got your Facebook pixel, I can tell. You have your tag assistant. Let’s see. Och, well, I don’t want to mess with this. But anyway, I would audit your tags. Let’s see. Salem painters. Great. Well, that’s not competitive. But still, he’s getting most of that traffic. Position one usually gets 25% of the clicks organically position to get 7 to 8% and then kind of goes down from there. That’s why people talk about position one being so powerful. You can see it’s a quarter of the traffic right here. So he’s got painting city name and it’s winning because he has location service pages, Salem, Eugene, all this and this same location service page on Salem is ranking for all these other queries because they all have the same intent. They’re basically synonymous painting Salem versus Salem, Oregon, even though I guess there’s other Salem in the United States or versus Oregon are translated to be the same house painters is still similar enough. These are all low key word difficulty. But let’s see.

So if it’s in the green for those who are watching it, that’s the difficulty, the keyword difficulty. The higher the number, the more difficult the ranking is on.

And even something that is not quite as relevant. Feng Shui colors for office. Not difficult. It costs you three bucks a click if you wanted to buy that. He still ranking on the first page and getting whatever 10%. For more than that, whatever 15% of the traffic. And that’s because he has a blog on this. So the way you get lots of pages up is not just to multiply garbage location service pages that’ll get you another 40 or 50 pages is you. You have lots and lots of blog posts. So this blog post on best feng Shui Colors ranks on this. Of course it does. But then if someone’s more specific feng shui colors in Oregon or city name. Yeah. Fitzpatrick painting reviews. Of course he should. Well, let’s see. Corvallis. He’s got all these different cities. That’s interesting that. If we do a search on Corvallis. It’s going to the home page, so he might not have a location service page here for this. And you should start people say, look how many location service pages should I have? We’ll start with the top two or three metros that you have and then start to expand based on how much traffic that you have.

So a big question, if I could dive in real quick on this is. You know, let’s say this company, obviously there’s four locations is what it looks like, four main locations here. And I’m not sure what their main location is. But let’s say these areas are in like as you can see here, like their homepage is probably trying to, you know, target for all their different locations at once where you should have a primary keyword for each page, essentially. So in this scenario where and I’m not sure anybody else who’s watching if you guys have multiple locations too, but this one has four. Should they go after their main location? Maybe one that’s more difficult to rank in with their homepage? What is the.

Strategy? The amount of effort should be relative to how much business you’re generating. So if we know that in Portland has got way more traffic than Albany or Eugene, then just obviously allocate in proportion where you have power. So let’s see. Our office is the office in Portland. Let’s see.

One location. See the comment over here.

Albany in the middle of all the listed service areas. Very cool. Now I need to see. They’ll pop up. Okay, great. It’s fine. I mean, at least it was a time to pop up. It didn’t pop up right away. All right. So Google’s looking at this and Google sees maybe you have some of these images, but they’re mainly looking at text. So if we turn images off, we see very little here. So we should say a little bit more about the office. Where is it located? It’s right across from the Costco, other sorts of things. And then run this one through page speed insights. Yeah, take the site or take the URL. So you guys know Google has this tool to give you a mobile and a desktop score. Your mobile score. You really you want both of them to be above 90. Most people, they have your core vitals failed. So we don’t even have this. Let’s see.

It’s going here.

We I mean, mobile score is probably going to be more important because most of you guys, you’re you’ll be like 70 to 80% mobile traffic and that’s just kind of what it is. So we could also look at it on a phone to see how it works. So go to we’re in Chrome, so let’s go to developer tools. Look.

And this is a tool by Google.

This is Google’s tool. So you can’t argue. So it’s a 58 on desktop. Why? Because you probably have too much JavaScript or something. What are you doing? Images are too big. Yeah.

Guys, I’m going to pause Dennis and Marco real quick. Just real quick. If you guys are getting value from this, I mean, usually guys, people will charge consultants, agencies will charge hundreds or $1,000 to do things like this. If you’re getting value from this and you’re enjoying this. Just type in the comments, hashtag value, hashtag value in the comments. If you’re loving this, if you want to see more of this, this is absolutely amazing. I mean, this is a company that’s probably going to do eight figures this year. And there’s what’s crazy is there’s opportunity to get better. Like, that’s insane to me that a company can do eight figures and still have this massive opportunity and upside, if you will, online. So again, type in hashtag comments if you are getting value from this. And okay, guys, back to you.

There’s a ton of eight figure companies that did one thing really well, like direct mail or billboards or SEO or they’re just or PPC and they just suck. It is totally, totally common to be good at one thing and just suck it everything else. But just these are all free opportunities. So. So a 14 on mobile, imagine if he got this 14 up to a 90. How much more business you get? The fact that it takes 12 seconds to load this site. How much business are we losing from people on mobile?

Yeah, how many people are jumping on and then just leave it?

Yeah. I mean, who knows how many people, How many potential leads is he getting now? Most people will wait two or 3 seconds. They’re not going to wait 12.9 seconds. Right. And the cool thing is that everything we’re pointing out is easy to fix, right?

It’s not there’s a question here. Chris has he’s the one of the main guys here at this company. I believe we were looking to get a new website built for this this company. Is there any recommendations, Dennis? Is there a recommendation you have on building a home service website?

Yeah, You can hire anyone on Fiverr or Upwork or whatever to rebuild your website to make it look like anyone else’s website, anywhere from 500 to 1000. It doesn’t really matter as long as they know WordPress. And I don’t want to go into like this whole CMS thing, but as long as they know WordPress, I’ll give you the SEO checklist they have to abide by. And then if you guys want to recommend Ryan or Marco, a website that you think is optimized really well, I can recommend some as well. But this is, this is a paint by the numbers kind of thing. The reason why website redesigns cost 20,000 or 50,000 is because you often have to have to bundle in strategy. And it’s like picking design back and forth.

90% of it is design. You spend a lot of time.

Oh, I’d like it in red or I like to have it look this way. Like that’s, that’s garbage. If you it doesn’t matter because on mobile, all that stuff is being stripped away anyway, right? What you care about is leads. You care about business, you care about the site loading fast. Yeah, I’m not going to wait. Look, Amazon knows that for every 0.1 seconds they can make the website load faster. They get $100 million in revenue.


Yeah. And that’s why Google has Google AMP. I don’t want to go into that whole thing about. That’s a whole nother discussion, but it’s easy to fix and the things that people obsess about on their website don’t matter. They don’t.

Would. There’s another question right here.

Element mentors find it doesn’t matter what what theme or as long as you make sure it’s fast, as long as it’s WordPress. And that’s all I’ll say. WordPress plus maybe like rank, math.

Weebly, Wix.

These other platforms stay away from them. And obviously our service legend on our Mastery program, we do all WordPress websites as well, and that’s going to be your best bang for your buck. You’re going to have the most flexibility.

All the plug ins, 25% of the Internet’s built on WordPress.

Right? And also it’s your mental bandwidth. So it’s like it’s figuring out, are you a home service company that’s doing your marketing in house, you’re hosting in house, your SEO and house, developing the website, designing it, etc. in-house, or are you finding a trusted provider like service legend or many others that can actually dominate the online side for you while you focus on marketing your business? So you have to kind of like balance out your capacity, control your mental bandwidth, how big the company is, what your internal labor force looks like and things like that, as well. As you consider upgrading your online marketing your website.

Let’s just do one quick thing. Let’s look at the. Okay, So we’re we’re back to the website and we’re in Chrome. So let’s go to. The developer developer tools. And now we’re going to refresh the timeline and look at everything that’s being loaded here. And we can see go to network here. We’ll refresh the timeline again, by the way, you have access to this as well in Chrome. Oh, yeah. I got you here. So we have 204 get requests here. So in order to load this web page in a iPhone 12. There’s 204 things that have to come down, which isn’t necessarily bad, but the payload is 13 megabytes. So when we look at the waterfall of what has to happen, all these things are loaded in this order. The red things are 400 and it’s taking so much time here and you have a lot of JavaScript that’s killing you here and some of these images. So all this stuff being loaded before people can even see the page. And this is this is the render map. You can see that as this stuff is rendering, it’s not even usable. So sorry, go ahead.

Well, now go back over to the other tab over here. So, like this tool by Google is free. So you guys can literally go to page insights on your own website. You’ll see in the opportunity.

Look at these these images here. Here it is. This is costing 9 seconds. The JavaScript is costing.

4 seconds or 13 to 30 seconds just by cleaning up.

Yeah, we like eliminate we fix this. We’re eliminating whatever a lot OC. And then we can go between mobile versus desktop. But we know 78% of your traffic is mobile. So we go back to desktop, you’re going to score a little higher. So instead of 17, I think you’re like a 40 or 50. Most people on desktop, they know they’re on an Internet connection that’s proper and all this and it renders differently. Yeah, so this is better. But anyway, this is an easy fix. There’s tons of people that can fix this one thing for you. For a couple hundred bucks, it’s not a big deal. Or just have it have a service legend, fix everything for you and fix the SEO at the same time. So I can already tell based on, as you said, Tim and Chris, what they have here. These are already pretty strong, but I don’t think he’s got. Yeah. See, even even these guys, they’re an eight figure business. They have so little information. So this is the page on industrial. There’s so much more you can say about industrial. This is all he has to say.

So are you saying, Dennis, that they can make more money in next year?

All that up, Brian? Yeah.

You’re talking fake money over there.

What real.

What are you talking about? This is real money.

Anyway, I don’t want to waste all your time geeking out. I do this all day. I do this for fun. I retired 20 years ago. I just love hanging out with Ryan and Marco, eating chicken wings and auditing. Hey, so where can people go if they want to get an audit? Where should. Who should they email?

Yeah, I mean, I guess we could take this opportunity. Just email me directly, Marco, and we’ll put it in the comments. Marco at service legend dot com and I will personally make loom videos and like a ten minute audit on, on all these websites.

Yeah. And I’ll also say so the first ten people that email Marco at service legend I’ll also come on and help do the audits just for free is like our Christmas gift whether you’re Christian or Jewish or whatever it is, this is our holiday gift to you. Because I know all it takes. I’ve done this thousands of times. All it takes is just we provide. A free audit is like our gift back. And they realize, you know what, here’s four or five things. It’s like people coming to the hospital and we give them an x ray and MRIs and tell them like, what’s going on? Right? And all it takes is them to fix one or two of these different things. And I don’t want to make these false promises, but usually just fixing a couple of things can make a significant difference in their business.

The low hanging fruit.

Yeah. You don’t have to do everything in digital. Can you imagine, Ryan, if you went to the hospital and you’re like, You know what? I want to be as healthy as possible, Doctor. I want you to give me every single pill. I want to have every single surgery that you have. No, You just need what’s right for you, what’s broken in your situation. So, Marco, by doing an audit because he’s a pro, he’ll be able to look at your stuff and in 10 minutes he’ll figure out the two or three things that you need of all the things that you could do. Oh, I read this one article where this one guy was doing this one thing and this other guy was doing YouTube and TikTok, that that person’s medication might not be the right medication for your business. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Absolutely. Fantastic.

Says he wants to get a new website bid from us. We can do that for you 100%. We love actually doing recurring work for you, because if we build you an amazing website, that’s great, right? But if you don’t find any customers from that site mean you’re basically just buying a billboard that nobody ever sees. So I really encourage Chris to consider and actually ongoing program to develop a massive authority online where you get found. However, we can certainly give you a bid for our website. Chris Just email Marco at service legend dot com or sell book a call on book dot service legend dotcom forward slash connection dash call that links in the comments as well. And by the way guys too this is going to be the last podcast of 2022. It’s been an incredible year starting this podcast. The engagement has been amazing. The feedback has been amazing. I’d also love to know what topics in the New Year you’d love to hear about, to learn from, for us to talk about. And also any guest that you’d love to like for us to bring on the podcast. But keep in mind the first webinar slash podcast of next year is going to be with my accountant and he has a five pillar framework on how to build a massive profitable home service company. And then the next webinar about mid January is going to be with Tommy Melo of A1 Garage, Jeff Gear from Tzr Concrete Coatings, and I’m securing a third guess and we’re going to develop a 2023 marketing plan webinar on how to build a profitable marketing plan for 2023 with seven, eight and nine figure Home Service business owners.

So you do not want to miss out. So So stay tuned in the group. Stay active in the group. Make sure you’re checking the group constantly so you don’t miss out on any of this amazing content. Obviously it’ll be recorded on replay, but there’s nothing like having you guys live in the comments, asking questions, topics and having that engagement with us. If you guys are on replay, if you guys guys just like just type in hashtag replay again if you on the replay. I know a lot of you watch this over the next week or two after we go live. We go live every Friday at 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. But I know a lot of you guys watch this on replay. So type in hashtag replay if you’re on Apple, Spotify, etc.. Make sure you guys give us a five star review if you felt value from this. We do not have any sponsors in here. The only rent, if you will, for the Service Legend podcast is that you guys share it with your friends. Share with your friends. If you have other contractors that you think would have value from this. Share it with them. That’s the only fee or their rent, if you will. Kind of like Andy for Scylla. So I appreciate you guys. Dennis Marco, any other comments on the on the tail end of this that you guys want to share?

Look, SEO can be really complicated. I maybe said some geeky things and got carried away a little bit, but we want to help you with your SEO. So just message Marco at Service Legend He and I are happy to evaluate your SEO. Answer any questions you have about this, audit what you have and I want to see you absolutely dominate. Google is making a bunch of changes that are going to kill a lot of your competition. I don’t want to see you guys get in trouble. Not trying to scare you guys, but you’re going to see and hopefully based on our session today, you made it this far that it’s actually kind of common sense, what the search engines are looking for, all these different signals. You don’t have to worry about every update that’s coming out every month. Listen to what Marco and I are saying from a strategy standpoint. Get your content operations in place, see what Ryan and Marco are doing themselves, see what Tommy Melo is doing. And you can’t go wrong. There’s no magic here in SEO. I hope that my my hope is that today you see that all of the stuff we’re talking about is actually very logical.

Yeah, you can’t miss it. Just steer your ship in the right direction in the long term. Yeah.

It’s so true, man. Last night, guys, I’ll leave you with this. Last night we were talking about ideas and knowledge online and how you know everything you want to know everything you want to do in your home service business. Next year is actually available online. It’s on YouTube, it’s in books, you name it. That’s free, right? But the implementation and the execution of those ideas, those things, is worth millions. How can Tommy do hundreds of millions of dollars in garage doors? Right. It’s not because he has the ideas on marketing, sales, etc. He has that. We all have that. But he’s able to execute and implement and be most effective faster than you and I can. And if you guys are excited about next year, we have a couple of weeks or we have about a week left for this year, right? So take this time to reflect on how this year went. Reflect on the things that you wish you could do next year. Right. And really map out the plan. We’re going to have that webinar next year, early next year, about how to map out the marketing plan, but really take this week or two to reflect on what you did right, what you did wrong. Be honest with yourself. Have some humility. Spend time with your family or friends and have some precious moments. But as you guys go into next year, let’s dominate. I mean, why did we start a home service company in the beginning? Did we start the home service company to be average, to be to be basic, if you will? No, we started it to have more profit, more freedom and more impact in our home service businesses. So, guys, I’ll leave you with this. If you want to make more money in the New year, go ahead and schedule that audit email Marco at service dot com and we’ll see you guys on the other end.





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