6 Steps To 45% Closing Rate For In-home Sales

As a home improvement business, you must close as many deals as possible for profit. Maximizing revenue and your impact on customers allows you more financial and physical freedom and even more profit. Luckily, ServiceLegend offers you avenues to achieve these goals and grow your business.


SL Academy by ServiceLegend provides a roadmap for how you can take the journey to better closing rates on your sales. SL Academy offers many tips, ideas, and practices to implement into your business. Furthermore, you can gain full access to SL Academy through ServiceLegend.


Today, we will focus on six steps to help get to a 45% closing rate for in-home sales. These steps are more in-depth in SL Academy, but this post will help you gain an understanding of the process.


Make A Statement & Make A Friend


When you’re in the home improvement business, it’s crucial to be able to make statements that will resonate with your customers. After all, your goal is to improve their homes, which requires a certain level of trust. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can follow to help you connect with your customers and build that trust. 


First, make sure you’re always genuine in your interactions. Show them that you’re interested in helping them achieve their goals. Second, be clear and concise in your communications. Customers appreciate it when you can explain things in plain language without getting lost in technical jargon. Finally, don’t be afraid to show some personality. Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. 


Customer Needs Assessment


Any successful home improvement business knows that understanding and meeting customers’ needs are crucial to success. Assessment is your opportunity to show them your expertise. There are a few ways to ensure you are doing everything possible to assess and meet your customers’ needs. 


First, ensure a clear and concise understanding of what the customer is looking for in their project. You must interact with each customer and ask productive questions, exemplifying your knowledge and adaptability. For example, as a painting company, if a customer desires a particular color or pattern, you should give them suggestions. Once you have this information, you can work on customizing solutions that will address those needs. 


Project Condition Report


The project condition report is where you communicate with the homeowner on what the project will take. Yet again, you have the opportunity to show your expertise, whether it be in paint or concrete. Furthermore, this report will ensure smooth communication between you and the customer, erasing the possibility of confusion.


Your project condition report should include the state of the property and whether it needs repairs or not. Moreover, a brief description of the property with the highlighted features you will change will ensure the customer knows what they’re getting. For example, you could resurface a garage or paint a wall; the project will affect those surfaces and those around them. So, you should include this in your report to ensure complete transparency with the customer.




Once you understand the customers’ needs, you can create a presentation that will showcase your company’s services and how you can meet those needs. Moreover, your presentation is a selling point for the customer, and you will want to impress them with what you show. So, you will want to show your paint or resurfacing job in full.


Be sure to highlight the unique selling points of your company and how your services compare to the competition. Also, it is essential to address any concerns or questions the customer may have calmly and confidently. Building rapport with the customer before and during this stage is vital to their trust in you handling their property.




After giving your customer the presentation, you will need to provide them with a quote. This way, they’ll know what to expect in terms of cost, and you’ll be able to avoid any surprises down the line. Be sure to include a detailed breakdown of all labor and materials costs, as well as any other applicable fees. And always remember to factor in a margin for error – though things can look perfect, there may be discrepancies.


If all goes well, you will close the deal with the agreed-upon price.


Handling Objections & Next Steps


Finally, there is always the chance for objections to your work. Sometimes, this can be at the beginning. And, sometimes, it is after you have put in all the work to present and quote a job. Either way, you must accept the results and move on.


An objection can be frustrating or discouraging, but that is the nature of business. Be willing to continue working hard and provide quality service even in the face of adversity. Being able to handle objections and adversity is the catalyst for success for any business.


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