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ServiceLegend isn’t your average marketing company, the founders are home service business owners first. Ryan created Cardinal Concrete Coatings with his family and did $1.7M cash collected in the first year of business. Not bragging here, but we want to show it’s possible if you have the right systems, processes, and marketing in place.

Our Founders

Ryan Davis

Back in 2015, Ryan Davis first got his hands in the industry by joining a fast-growing painting company in Bakersfield. He worked as a commercial estimator for a couple of years so he could learn everything you need to know about taking a painting business to the next level.

Ryan grew up in Southern California and played on the varsity football team. Ever since then, he learned anything in life including business was all about team and culture.

Ryan discovered he had a passion for helping home service businesses on the marketing & sales side of things. He knew if he could get a customer more business opportunities and sales, they would grow dramatically.

To date, he’s helped has helped 150+ painting, concrete coating, and power washing companies dramatically grow their businesses.

Marko Sipila

Marko Sipila started a marketing company a few years back and has gained massive success in local marketing in Arizona. In fact, one of the clients had asked if he wanted to partner with a new company which is now called Allstate Concrete Coatings.

Marko has a degree in Marketing & Business Administration from a local college in Arizona. At just 19 years old, he graduated from high school and college concurrently while building a marketing company. He is also certified from various programs including Google Ads & Local Business Mastery. Now, he’s Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer here at ServiceLegend.

Marko noticed that so many companies across the country were lacking the necessary advertising and marketing means to be successful and grow. ServiceLegend was created after Marko & Ryan had merged forces to dominate the industry.

Ryan Davis


Marko Sipila


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