How To Get Your Concrete Coating Company To Rank on Search Engines

Your concrete flooring company might have a beautiful website, full of images of your finished work with glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. But does your site come up at the top of the organic search engine pages when someone searches for concrete flooring in their area?

If not, then your site is only doing half its job because it should be more than just a showcase for your products and services.  It should be a lead generation magnet, constantly bring in new business.  Getting your company website to rank well organically in the search engines is called search engine optimization (SEO).   It means not having to pay for ads, and this is how it’s done.

Keyword Research

We determine what keywords and keyword phrases you want your company to rank under in the search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and others). These are the words and phrases that people searching will use to find your services.  The trick is to find relevant keywords with the potential for high rankings and good traffic in a highly competitive landscape.

Competitor Analysis

SEO does not operate in a vacuum.  Your concrete coating company has search engine competitors.  A competitive analysis looks at how their websites are performing in the engines, evaluating their links, keywords, content and more to determine what is working for them.  The most successful elements are then reverse engineered and applied to your website.

Content Optimization

There is a saying in the SEO world: Content is King.  This is because the search engines, especially Google, love useful and original content and will give priority rankings to websites that have it.   Ensuring that your website content is well-written, informative and providing real value to your visitors is key when it comes to ranking well organically under specific keywords.

On-Page Optimization

The search engines look for specific signals from each website and use these signals to determine page rankings.  Signals include a site’s meta descriptions, title tags, navigation, load time, backlinks, context and many others.   When these signals are doing their job, website rankings increase.

Link Building

The internet is built on links, with billions of websites linking to one another.  Yet not all links are created equal.  Some carry more weight than others when it comes to organically ranking a webpage.   Google in particular looks at links as a way to measuring a site’s authority and popularity.  If other well-regarded websites are linking to a site, then that tells Google that the site is worth ranking well in its SERPs.

Web Core Vitals

Google now looks at something called Web Core Vitals to help determine a website’s ranking.   These vitals include page loading performance, ease of interaction and visual stability of a webpage from a user’s point of view.  Websites that meet these core vitals are rewarded with better page rankings.

Local Rankings

“Near me” searches have grown exponentially during the last few years.  This is because more people are searching on the go on their phones.  It is therefore vital that your company rank well in the SERPs when someone searches for “concrete coating company near me.”  It is not unusual for a potential client to search for a concrete coating business while driving down the street and then walk in the company front door a few minutes later.

Running a concrete coating business is hard enough without having to worry about how to organically rank your company’s website in the search engines.  If you are ready to talk to an expert in concrete coating company SEO, then contact us today.  Our number one goal is to make your website thrive in the search engines and drive more customers to your business.




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